Plastic Surgeons-Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends

The desire to look perfectly filtered in photos has never been stronger. In fact, according to the Calgary Plastic Surgeon, the number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has grown nearly 200 percent since 2000, with no indication of slowing down.

Advances in technology about Facelift are on track with consumer demand, and the Food and Drug Administration is set to approve at least three new, cutting-edge cosmetic procedures in 2019.

Below, we ask renowned plastic surgeons to weigh in on the trends they think will be the most popular this year to zap, inject, and restore our bodies.

  • Injectables Are More Accessible Than Ever

According to Calgary Plastic Surgeon, a board-certified plastic surgeon, “I think that is not only because of low downtime, lower cost, and lower invasiveness but also because there are lower stigma and lower barrier to entry.”

Injectables, lasers, and skin resurfacing can be quick, lunchtime procedures, often with immediately visible effects and limited downtime, qualities that contribute to their inclusivity as well as confidentiality.

  • Body Contouring Is Expected to Soar

EmSculpt is readily available in developed countries. The handheld tool uses magnetic fields to activate muscle contractions in the body to break down fat and build muscle.

Body fat responds to the metabolic reaction of the contractions by breaking down, essentially tricking your body into thinking it’s working out. However, it’s a painless procedure that has been tested in five clinical studies with measurable results.

  • Facelift Treatments Will Be More Inclusive

The quick bounce back into a routine post-procedure has caught the attention of those who are reluctant to admit they don’t want to deal with the downtime. One survey estimates, fifteen percent of Facelift patients are men, with that number increasing annually. The survey also laid emphasis on the rise to the resurgence of classically Facelift features.

  • Niche Treatments Are on the Rise

Small, hyper-specific procedures to resolve minor but irksome facial and body quirks are increasing in popularity. These “micro-optimizations,” as categorized by Calgary Plastic Surgeon, include the unorthodox use of filler in locations other than the traditional cheekbone, like the earlobe to tighten a stretched piercing from heavy earrings or the bridge of the nose during a noninvasive rhinoplasty.

  • Preventative Treatments Will Be Big

If 2018 was the year Facelift and cosmetic enhancements stepped out of the shadows and into mainstream conversation, 2019 will be the year of the “tweakment,” small corrections to the face and body while remaining true to your natural facial and physical characteristics.

According to experts, a more significant number of patients will be undergoing treatments at a younger age as a preventative treatment. Also, AAFPRS’s annual survey found that 72 percent of Facelift plastic surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic surgery in patients under 28.

Patients are now getting regular treatments starting at a younger age that are preventing invasive procedures in the long run.

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