Tips For Getting Better Sleep in 2016

Insomnia is a problem understood by roughly 30 percent of the world’s population. That’s a hefty number when you really think about it and do the math. If there are 7.4 billion people in the world, that equals out to a lot of people not being able to sleep. Though the reasons for people around the world not being able to sleep are different and have to do with a host of different factors, if you’re not trying whatever possible to solve the problem for yourself, you’re helping nobody, least of all yourself.

If you’re struggling to find sleep at night and it’s affecting your day to day life, here are tips you can try for getting better sleep in the remainder of 2016 and on. Hopefully one of these tips will be the counting sheep remedy to your sleepless nights.

Evaluate Your Mattress

The surface that you’re sleeping on has a huge affect on the quality and depth of sleep you’re going to be able to attain. Remember The Princess and the Pea story? There once was a princess who couldn’t sleep. The reason being was all because there was a tiny little pea placed underneath her mattress that was inhibiting her in a huge way.

You might be the princess in this story. You need to find a bed that is going to support you in all the right places in all the right ways. Evaluate your body to see if you’re sore anywhere or struggling to get comfortable, and find a remedy for your mattress woes.

Take Magnesium Before Bed

Many people struggle to find sleep because their bodies just won’t relax. Muscles might be tense, your mind might be racing, and your body is fighting against your will to get some shut eye, but if you take magnesium supplements before bed, your problems could be solved almost instantly. Magnesium is proven to help with insomnia because it decreases cortisol, the stress hormone in the body that keeps you up at night.

Magnesium also helps your muscles physically relax, so if you’re tense and busy minded, take a heap of Calm, or another kind of supplement and see how it affects your sleep. Warning, it will also keep you regular…which is actually a perk.

Cut Out All Lights

If you live in a city or your window just happens to be right next to a street lamp, it can be tricky to cut out all the lights in your room when you sleep, but you’re going to want to do everything you can to do just that. A dark atmosphere will allow your body to go into the deepest parts of the REM cycle that allow you to wake up refreshed. If you have lights, tv screens, or any other factors adding to the equation, your body will have a hard time reconciling.

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