On Trend: Is Plastic Surgery The Top Gift Of 2016?

The lead up to holiday gift shopping is always filled with considerations, but the most difficult person to buy for is always the one who has everything, as the saying goes. What do you get that hard to buy for someone? The answer might be plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is an increasingly popular gift, but is it an appropriate one? Many doctors and recipients agree that such procedures are perfect, especially when it means giving someone what they’d never give themselves.

Start Small

If you’re thinking about giving your loved one the gift of plastic surgery for the holidays, consider starting small. Many spouses opt to give their partner a gift certificate for botox or facial fillers, for example, viewing such minor procedures as much like presenting them with a spa day.

What makes botox and fillers an ideal gift is that they’re small procedures that can be done over your lunch break, are virtually painless, and – most importantly – can help reduce some of the self-consciousness people feel about aging. Think about it as a way of lifting sagging self-esteem, rather than a sagging face.

Beyond Basics

Another great way to embrace the plastic surgery as a gift trend is by helping your loved one attain better results through an advanced procedure. Many women pursue breast augmentation procedures, for example, but there are multiple surgical approaches. Surgeons who place an implant under the muscle tend to achieve a more natural appearance for their patients with less post-op pain, but many women dont want to spend more on this type of procedure. Help tip the scales with a gift that allows your loved one to pursue a higher quality version of a procedure they already were planning to have.

Erasing The Past

Though not necessarily considered a form of plastic surgery, tattoo removal is similar in kind because it can help people erase parts of their past they view as a mistake. Helping a spouse or even a friend safely pursue laser tattoo removal can allow them to put an unsightly or painful tattoo behind them, bringing their body today into alignment with who they truly feel themselves to be.

Finally, its become relatively common for husbands to give their wives plastic surgery procedures as gifts after they’ve had a child. Childbearing is hard on the body, and many women struggle to overcome body image issues in the months and years after. Its also a way for husbands to thank their wives for giving them a beautiful child.

When considered in this light, it seems clear that giving the gift of plastic surgery is not all that different than giving your loved ones a gym membership, spa and salon services, or a trip to a yoga retreat – theyre all about helping the recipient look and feel their very best. We all want to present our best face (or body) to the world, and by giving the gift of plastic surgery, you can help make that happen for someone you love.

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Melissa Thompson

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