Ways to Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity

Our mind doesn’t function properly in a chaotic environment. There are so many distractions around that can easily break our concentration at work, in class, or even if we are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Apart from distractions, there are conditions such as ADHD, where a person suffers from inattention or hyperactivity or both, which impairs his/her daily functional abilities and development. On the whole, in this fast-paced world, where there is always an ongoing pressure to deliver in our professional and personal lives, learning how to improve focus and concentration are an integral part of maintaining our overall health.

Focus Factor

According to Smart Pill Guide, The reviews for Focus Factor are positive, due to its list of highly effective natural ingredients, which not only increase cognitive abilities, but also provide great benefits for overall health. Among these ingredients are essential nutrients like Omega-3 oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, calcium, iron and zinc. The proprietary formula consists of glutamine, grape seed extract, Choline and L-pyro glutamic acid.

The presence of ample clinical research findings and other favorable reviews for the pill, makes it one of the best brain supplements to increase mental focus and enhance retention power. The product is manufactured by Factor Nutrition Labs, LLC, and claims to be a good alternative to prescription drugs for inattentiveness.

Focus Formula

This 100% herbal supplement comes from a reputed company, Native Remedies, which has over 1 million customers across 30 countries. The pills claim to increase concentration abilities, resolve memory problems and are also said to be effective in treating symptoms of ADHD. It is suitable for both children and adults alike, although the dosages vary. For children, the dosage is 0.5 to 0.75 ml, and for adults and children above 16 years of age, it is to be taken at 1 ml, twice a day after meals.

The ingredient list consists of natural substances like Nettle extracts and Chamomile, which are good for improving blood circulation and reducing anxiety, respectively.

The negative reviews for Focus Formula consist of certain side effects, which in extreme cases, involve symptoms like headaches, dizziness and skin reactions.

Apart from supplements, there are other techniques to improve focus and resolve attention disorders too. Meditation and exercise go a long way in improving brain functioning, and resolving mood disorders. One cannot stress enough upon the need to a have well balanced diet to maintain overall well-being. You can also learn how to improve focus and then complement it with supplements for mental focus.

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