What’s Going On With Your Health?

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There are many things that affect a person’s all around health. It can have something to do with the things you hear, maybe you’re dehydrated, maybe one of your medications is having a bad effect on your body, or maybe you have another issue that has been caused by heredity or environment. When you are in poor health, no matter what your symptoms are, you probably hop online and look those symptoms up before you go to the doctor.

Even people that can’t afford a doctor visit still have concern for their own health, and those people do what they can in order to figure out what health issues they may be suffering from. An online, self-diagnosis, isn’t the answer to any illness. Here are a few things to look at when it comes to your overall health.

What’s In Your Water?

For the most part, the tap water you drink is just fine. It quenches your thirst and gives your body what it needs to stay hydrated. However, there can be microbes and minerals in your tap water that could be causing health problems. Just take a look at all the things going on in Flint, Michigan with their water system.

If you have a city water system, you can contact them to find out what they’ve found in the water you drink through testing. They are required to test the water being pumped into people’s homes on a regular basis and you have a right to know what the lead and arsenic counts, as well as other potentially nasty things, are in that water.

What’s Your Diet Look Like?

The food you eat can make a huge difference when it comes to your health as well. If you are living on a diet of fresh foods and getting plenty of vegetables in each of your meals, then you will be getting the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. However, if you are eating lots of fried foods, high-calorie foods, sodium-heavy foods, and sugar-filled foods, you are risking things like obesity and diabetes.

Keeping Track Of Issues

The key to working toward better health is to keep track of your diet and exercise and to also keep a record of illness you may be having on a regular basis. Daily headaches or a sore throat that is affecting you many days of the week for a long period of time could be signs of health issues that you need to see a doctor about.
This is a good way to make sure you cover everything with your doctor that you need to. You may find that you feel bad after a certain food or activity, and this could tell them that maybe you have a food intolerance or an allergy.

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