Choosing From Many Condos for Sale: Which Floor is The Right One?

With condos for sale in Montreal, buyers often concentrate on issues such as the location of the building, the size of the unit, and the amenities for residents. Not everyone cares to ask about the floor the unit is on. This is common, and in fact many ads don’t even list the floor of the property. The floor is actually an important consideration because it must suits individual needs and preferences.

So will you want to live in a lower floor, a middle floor, or a higher floor? Here’s a quick look at each option to help you make the right choice.

First or Lower Floor

A unit on the first floor suits people who are old enough to retire, getting close to retirement or have a disability. That’s because higher floors take more effort. Even when there’s a working elevator, wait times can be long and it can be stressful when using a cane, walker or a wheelchair. If that elevator goes out of commission, that’s a bigger issue.

Younger folks may also like the first floor. That’s because they don’t have people below complaining about too much noise.

Unfortunately, thieves tend to focus on first floor because they don’t want to take additional risks. It’s also generally noisier on lower floors since they are much closer to the traffic on the street. Plus, there isn’t as much natural light as when higher up in the building.

Highest Floors

Its a dream for most people to live on the penthouse level. The view can be amazing, especially if the building is the highest in the area. It’s that view that beguiles residents and guests. There is also a sense of freedom knowing that other people can’t peek inside the unit. At resale time, it’s the view that will also help get more buyers interested.

On the highest floor, there are no neighbors above who can make life miserable with too much noise. Even if when not at the topmost level, higher floors are further away from the traffic noises in the street, so the personal space is much more relaxing. There is also less at risk from thieves who might break into the building.

One problem with higher floors is trying to get furniture into the unit. Getting groceries up to a top-floor unit can be a problem, even with elevators. God help you if the elevators stop working, especially for people with mobility issues. Another problem is being mindful of the neighbors below, who might complain about too much noise.

Finally, the top floor units usually command top prices. Usually, these are the most expensive units in the building.

Middle Floors

Some people pick the midlevel floors as some sort of compromise between the topmost floor and the first floor. There isn’t as far a climb up the stairs with groceries, if the elevators aren’t working. Street noise is less, there is less risk of thieves, there might be a better view and cost is within the range.

Still, bringing furniture into your floor may not be be easy. There are also neighbors upstairs and downstairs to worry about.

Final Words

So before picking a unit, make sure it suits your preferences and needs. There’s a world of difference between the top, middle, and lower floors, and the choice can help make condo living more enjoyable.

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