Top Hardwood Flooring Trends To Improve Any Home

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While hardwood flooring is universally acclaimed, there’s just one problem. There are so many options to choose from that it can be really confusing to decide which one’s the best for your home! To help guide and save time in the decision-making process, here are some popular picks in hardwood flooring available:

  1. Douglas fir. This can provide a rather remarkable design vibe to any home. There’s a stain in the Douglas fir that somehow highlights the grain details to get a rather striking aesthetic. The effect is that the home feels a lot more inviting for guests, and it feels comfortable for the residents.
  2. This is a great option for those who want to inject a dash of style to their living area. For even greater elegance. The dark Eucalyptus flooring can create an arresting impression with white furnishings and area rugs. Its fast growth and affordable pricing also drive its popularity.
  3. Brazilian cherry. This comes in a wide range of colors to get some sort of mosaic effect with planks of very different colors coming together. It looks very exotic, in fact. What adds to the appeal is that it is quite a durable wood, and yet it’s also reasonably affordable.
  4. Reclaimed wood. Many choose this for environmental reasons, but that doesn’t really capture the appeal of reclaimed wood. It brings certain unmistakable warmth to any room, and implies a sort of timelessness. It works for any sort of design motif whether it’s contemporary or traditional. Reclaimed wood can be treated so it works as flooring for the bathroom.
  5. Dark hardwoods. These can include walnut, cherry, and oak, and they all add a certain kind of opulence to any area. These wood floorings stand out when used in a modern design theme, especially with neutral colors. But the fact remains that it actually goes well with many different types of design styles. The look is dark and opaque, and its mystique is quite striking.
  6. Red oak. This is also one of the more popular hardwood options that never really goes out of style. The reason for red oak’s eternal trendiness is the reddish tones of the wood that seems to go very well with just about any kind of design style. Add the fact that the wood is highly resistant to wear, and is certainly a winner.
  7. Maple plank. This also offers undeniable warmth to any space, and there’s no mistaking how captivating its dark hues can be. Match this with light colored walls, and you end up with a captivating design theme that’s quite invigorating.
  8. Reclaimed pine. This option isn’t really all that common, and most of the time they come from historical buildings. It adds a kind of homey atmosphere to a room, and it emits a certain kind of unpretentious simplicity that’s very relaxing. It adds a dash of historical feel to the place, and it’s also eco-friendly.
  9. Distressed wide planks. Wide planks are becoming more popular, since they’re not all that common and there aren’t as many seams to mar the beauty of the wood itself. For a rustic look that’s very relaxing and homey, the distressed variety works well.

The nice thing about hardwood flooring is that it never really goes out of style. It’s been used for centuries and it’s still as valuable today as it was before – or perhaps even more! Get a hardwood floor for your home, and it can last for generations to come.

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