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Why the post-Brexit prime property market is still worthy of investment

Record numbers of transactions crumbled immediately following the EU referendum, due to buyers pulling out of sales. However, overseas investors brightened estate agents and...

5 Tips To Prepare For The Holiday Season

November is solidly upon us again, and that means the holiday season is thundering towards us like a jingle bell wearing freight train. Friends,...

Heres Why Your Brain Cant Function Without Sleep

Most people have experienced an inability to sleep, and sometimes the reason has to do with your mattress. A mattress that's too firm...
6 simple ways to save money.

6 Simple Ways to Save Money

Sometimes, it feels impossible to put away the recommended 20-30% of your paycheck for savings. If you're living paycheck to paycheck or...
crowd and crowdfunding.

Tremendous Growth in Crowdfunding Means New Possibilities

Over the past few years, crowdfunding has transitioned from a relatively small fundraising strategy to a billion-dollar industry that's being leveraged by individuals and...
consumerism disease.

3 Symptoms of the Consumerism Disease In America

The average American household contains over 300, 000 items. Since 1970 the average home has grown by over 1, 000 square feet, while...
Saving coins in a jar.

Looking for a Startup Loan? Try Credit Unions

A 2015 survey by Small Business Credit for the Federal Reserve Bank in New York finds that loans to small businesses from local credit...

Google News cuts more than duplicate links in deal with news wires

(AXcess News) Reno - Google News has cut licensing agreements with the top news wires and now hosts that content. Josh Cohen, ...
buy gold bars. image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay

Are There Any Low-Risk Miners in Today’s Minefield?

The founder of Adrian Day Asset Management believes volatility in precious metal stocks will continue, gold's extreme bottom is behind us and macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions will continue to support gold.
bernanke economy rating

Fed fesses up to slowing economy

The Federal Reserve said in a statement Wednesday that the U.S. economy had stalled,though it added that the economic slowdown was only temporary.