Cancer-linked SV40 Virus in Pfizer COVID Shots

While the mainstream media effectively covered it up, evidence has come out of the presence of potentially cancer-causing SV40 viral sequences in Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines for COVID-19.

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Research Finds SV40 in COVID Shots

In April this year, Kevin McKernan, Yvonne Helbert, Liam T. Kane, and Stephen McLaughlin published a study on the sequencing of viral content in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for COVID-19. One of the findings of the study was the presence of SV40 sequences in the Pfizer vaccine. The study wrote:

These data conclude that all Pfizer vectors contain a homoplastic 2 copy 72bp SV40 Enhancer associated with more robust expression and nuclear localization. The initial heteroplastic indel was an artifact of the Megahit assembler and short insert libraries.

Critics Sound Alarm over the Findings

In a July 16 tweet, Dr. Peter A. McCullough pointed to the research and reminded that neither Pfizer nor Moderna has analyses to corroborate or refute these findings.

In one of her shows in June 2023, Dr. Jane Ruby dug into the details of the study and its implications for human health. She emphasized that there is evidence that Pfizer hid the presence of these SV40 sequences from the public. In her analysis, Dr. Ruby warned of the dangers of these sequences having the potential to alter the natural and healthy DNA.

Establishment-aligned media and vaccine apologists have been denying any real link between “turbo cancer” – aggressive flare-up in cancer among patients whose cancer was in remission – and Covid-19 vaccines. But skeptics have raised the alarm again in light of the new info of SV40 viral sequences in Pfizer shots. Stew Peters posted the clip of a toxicologist testifying about the issue of these findings.

Peters had earlier invited Dr. Paul Alexander on his show to discuss the presence of SV40 in the mRNA COVID jab and its implications for the health of the recipients of these shots. Dr. Alexander commented that SV40 is a critical player in reemergence of aggressive cancer in cancer patients who had been in remission.

In January last year, a whole year after the mRNA COVID shots were rolled out, a big surge in cancer and other debilitating diseases was reported in the US military.

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