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3 Credit Debt Success Stories to Learn From

It's easy to feel alone when you're struggling with debt - like nobody else understands what you're currently going through. But there are thousands...
debt consolidation.

What is So Clever About Debt Consolidation?

There has been a lot of talk about debt consolidation in recent years. For those who don't know, debt consolidation is the process by...
christmas debt. Image by Marleen Kuiper from Pixabay

Getting Rid of Christmas Debt as Quickly as Possible

With Christmas fast approaching, many people will be worrying about how to raise the money for their purchases. This includes food and drink, clothing,...
saving and spending.

Should You Save Your Hard Earned Money Without Paying Off Debts?

If you want to see your money grow, be on guard about a few terms and how you perceive the concept. No...
common causes for debt.

4 Most Common Causes For Debt

Going into debt is something that happens to most adults. Although there can be a variety of reasons, usually they tend to be...
americans in debt.

Are You One Of The 80 Percent Of Americans In Debt?

If you feel like you're drowning in debt, it's important to know that you're not alone. There are many of Americans, just...

Common Burning Questions About Debt

When it comes to the matter of debt, it often feels like there are more questions than answers. But, to combat against this anxiety,...

Congress reaches debt ceiling agreement

The threat of the government defaulting on its debt has been averted,at least for now,after the Senate passed a bill Thursday that would remove the nation's debt ceiling until May.

EU Sovereign Debt Bodes Well for Gold and Silver Prices

(AXcess News) New York - The market in the US is closed due to Presidents Day, but in Europe investors remain concerned over sovereign...
Mark McClure of GenX Capital Partners Closes $3.2MM "Cash Out" Refi for 336 Unit Development in Ft Myers

GenX Capital Partners Spearheads Multi-State Real Estate Developments, Secures Major Financing

GenX Capital Partners GenX Capital Partners, a prominent financing and development firm, has once again demonstrated its prowess in the real estate sector by closing...