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digital audio.

What You Can Expect from an Audio Engineering Degree

Audio engineering schools aim to properly prepare students to take on an entry level position within the industry. The technology used in digital audio...

Logistics unhinge Peru’s laptop dreams

The One Laptop Per Child program in Peru has seen mixed results,with the machine's symbolism in rural villages outpacing academic gains.

Women’s History Month

Are the Arts getting snubbed during the 2013 Women's History Month? Three reasons girls need music as much as math.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s bid to make schools safer: armed posse patrols nearby

In the wake of the Connecticut shooting,Joe Arpaio,who describes himself as America's toughest sheriff,announces a plan to have armed volunteers patrol the areas near schools in Maricopa County,Ariz.
Students today lack proper education in fundamentals like math and science

Education or Edjukashun?

American education used to be basic. You learned the fundamentals of reading,writing,and arithmetic,and government of the people,by the people,for the people.

Technology Continues to Impact How We Talk to Teens

(AXcess News) Minneapolis, MN - When I was a teenager, I can remember everyone passing notes to each other and making promises to "call...