5 Cheapest Places to Travel in 2019

Feeling a bit of wanderlust? It isn’t hard to catch the itch to travel, especially with the holidays approaching. It might not even be that hard to get work off. The real challenge, for most world-travelers, is the budget.

So if you’re feeling that get up and go, here are five of the cheapest places to travel in the year 2019:

New Orleans

This city is known for its music, color, and festivals. It’s full of personality and, even better, affordable must-dos. Some activities, like listening to live music or people-watching in the French Quarter, are free. Many of the local restaurants offer decent prices, including a tradition of 25 cent weekday lunch martinis, and some of the designer hotels offer rooms as inexpensive as $100 a night.

Kingston, Jamaica

Yes, even this famous beach destination can be affordable. This is the year to visit the capital of the Carribean: Kingston. It’s full of the sort of activity and culture that you don’t always get staying at a beach resort, including a variety of music, museums, and local dance halls. The best part about Kingston is that it’s still untapped by tourists and the price tag is much smaller.

Lisbon, Portugal

The idea of visiting Europe is often intimidating when it comes to pricing. But Lisbon offers all the amazing architecture, rich history, and local cuisine that you could ask for on a tight budget. Many of the local restaurants, transportation, and activities offer jaw-dropping bargains. It’s a great location for families and you can find a full apartment to stay at-kitchen included-for as little as $150 per night.

Cooperstown, New York

This location is perfect if you love strolling down historic streets full of antique stores and window shopping. There’s a quality farmers market, an orchard, cafes, and an art museum. Many of these places offer daily passes for under $15. You can find entrees for under $30 and the inexpensive, historical Railroad Inn, which offers rooms at $85 a night.

Barga, Italy

Barga’s location is hidden away in the mountains, meaning it remains largely undiscovered and is not yet overwhelmed with tourists. It keeps much of its quiet, medieval history alive through its family-run wineries and art. During the winter, you can find hotel rates around $112 a night and it’s close enough to Florence that you can still stop into the city for a visit.

Hopefully this has sparked some ideas, but be sure to do your own research as well, especially if you have a specific destination in mind. Sometimes it’s possible to shop smart and visit pricey locales for cheap through a service like InCruises.

Good luck and happy travels!

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