Tips for Flying Internationally When You’ve Never Traveled Before

Did you know that France garnered 86.9 million visitors in 2017 and leads the world in tourism?

International travel is an exciting venture, even if you’re not one of the 86.9 million going to France. However, the prospect of traveling abroad can be a bit nerve-wracking.

The preparation needed for flying internationally shouldn’t stop you from traveling, though! As long as you’re mindful and use your time wisely, you won’t have any trouble making an international flight, even if it’s your first time traveling.

If you’re still on edge, below are some tips for traveling abroad and boarding an international flight!

flying internationally
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Come Prepared

When it comes to flying abroad tips, this can not be overstated: make sure any passports or visas you need are up to date.

It’s wise to make sure your passport is good for up to another six months, as many countries require that the passport is valid for six months past your return date in the event your return home is delayed for any reason.

Be mindful also of any fees that you may have to pay to enter or exit the country you are visiting, what items you can bring with you into the country you’re visiting, and what vaccines you are required to have to enter the country.

It is also advised to get travel insurance, in case you have any issues during your time abroad.

Manage Your Finances

Before your big trip, make sure you are secure financially.

If the country you’re flying into uses a currency different from that of your home country, make sure you’re aware of the conversion rates and where you can convert physical currency.

If you’re dealing with debt, reach out to a firm like McCarthy Law PLC in order to settle your debt before your trip. It will put you at ease, and you’ll spend less time worrying over your budget and finances during your visit.

Make sure to inform your bank and credit card agency of your travel dates. If they see transactions occurring in a foreign country, they may grow suspicious and put a freeze on your account.

Arrive Early When Flying Internationally

Getting to the airport a few hours before your international flight gives you a bit of buffer room in case anything goes wrong.

Airports are often unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to give yourself an ample amount of time to get through security. If getting through security in a timely fashion is something that is extra important to you, consider splurging a bit and applying for TSA Precheck.

Giving yourself extra time also allows you to make last-minute purchases at airport convenience stores in the event you forgot something like a phone charger, snacks, etc.

Be Safe and Smart

As is the case with any airport journey, be smart and aware of your belongings.

Make sure you’re aware of what you can and can’t bring with you during your travel. You don’t want to lose precious time because security decides to search your entire bag over one prohibited item.

Additionally, keep an eye on your belongings at all times while traveling internationally. You don’t want to lose the only luggage you have, especially when you’ll be in a foreign country, unsure of how to even go about getting any of your belongings back.

Don’t Overthink It

When you’re going down your checklist for flying abroad, it can seem really overwhelming. But as long as you are dutiful when you’re planning your itinerary, flying internationally will be a breeze!

Once you’ve got all your documentation and finances squared away, you can kick back and relax! Flying is exciting, especially for first-time travelers. Allow yourself to have fun and look forward to your upcoming trip!

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