Making Travel Safe in the Face of Terror and Disaster

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With the availability of low-cost tickets and travel vloggers to give every reason to travel, more British people are finding ways to see the world at large. But while a well-edited vlog may show a good experience, these trips rarely come without hitches. In fact, every year, it is reported that some of the most popular travel locations are racked by disaster and stressed out by terrorists.

Between 2017 and 2018, almost 400 people lost their lives in Mexico as a result of two earthquakes that struck just weeks apart. In Greece, 70 people were killed by a wildfire that razed a popular travel resort. In addition, in Sant Llorenç, a British couple was killed by flash floods as they enjoyed their holiday in Mallorca.

But English people have been known to show no fear when looking for fun. According to ABTA, up to 60% of British folk travelled for the holidays in 2018. This is huge growth when compared with numbers from 2011. Even fear of terrorists doesn’t seem to hold them back, as ABTA reports that bookings for holiday locations marked for terrorist risk (such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Turkey) went up in 2018.

Unable to convince the English to stop traveling in the face of risk, insurance agencies in the travel industry have stepped up, creating innovative insurance products that travellers can purchase to secure protection when they face unknown chaos in a foreign land.

Among these agencies, Insure4Retirement, the Over 50s Home and Travel Insurance Provider, has built a crisis response service into their travel policy, Ready2Go Gold along with their partners, Just Travel Cover.

With more information to be found at, risk-averse travellers who purchase the Ready2Go Gold policy are securing themselves, as they will be given contact details to receive prompt assistance from competent operatives in case of an emergency wherever they are on the globe. This service is provided by S-RM, a world-class global consultant that staffs former military, special forces, and intelligence personnel and provides security for clients around the world.

In spite of the increase in natural disasters and terror attacks around the world, British tourists have shown increased bravery and an insatiable thirst for a good time. Also, many of the countries that rank high in tourist numbers depend on those numbers for survival, and so make the effort to put themselves back together after each major hit. This sometimes makes them even more desirable destinations, as tourists are drawn to places with compelling stories of disaster recovery.

All in all, the English spirit of exploration remains unquenched. The smart explorer, however, knows that it is much better to minimize the risks involved in traveling. By purchasing quality travel insurance such as that provides, holiday lovers from all parts of the UK can leave their homes knowing that even if there is a disaster while they are on holiday, they will still be able to make it back to their families, safe and sound.

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