2 Ways to Protect Your Hotel Brand Online

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In today’s climate, the way your hotel is represented online will make or break its ability to attract guests and ultimately turnover a profit. This is because the customers of today use the Internet to research potential places to stay, meaning they are going to judge your hotel by the way its brand is presented via the web.

In order to ensure that your online brand never hinders your ability to draw custom, you need to protect it. You cannot afford for anything to go awry in this instance – allow your online presence to flounder, and you’ll find it mightily difficult to fill the rooms in your hotel.

Here are two ways you can protect your hotel brand online:

Tackle impersonating profiles

Unfortunately, the world is now full of cyber criminals who have both the know-how and desire to set up fake social media accounts that impersonate hotels. They set up these fake accounts in order to establish trust and this trust that then allows them to act in a fraudulent manner once they have gotten hold of the personal details that they crave. If this kind of plight were to befall you, your hotel’s brand and reputation would take a serious hit. For one, you’d be mistaken as a business that cannot be trusted with your customer’s personal details.

This isn’t the main way in which your brand could potentially be harmed by an impersonating social media profile, however. Not tackling the cybercriminals that impersonate you will do just as much damage to your brand as the fake accounts themselves. If you don’t take action in this instance, you’ll only aggravate your customers and showcase the fact that you do not take them or their personal information seriously. It is for this reason why you must tackle this form of cybercrime at all costs – click here to find out more about social media abuse and what you can do to take action against it.

Check to see that your rate is showing correctly

The rate that you charge your guests must be showing the same across the length and breadth of the web. If it isn’t, you’ll just confuse your customers and be branded as being inconsistent. What’s more, if your rate is being showcased as being a lot higher than it actually is, you’ll actively turn customers away who are searching for a cheaper place to stay.

Rate disparities can be the result of a number of things. One of your employees could have made a mistake and put the wrong rate in, for example, or the online travel agent that you use could have manipulated your rate in order to improve their commission levels. Regardless, you should regularly make time to check that your rate is showing correctly online – fear not, this kind of venture won’t take much time or effort, as it all it takes is a Google search of your hotel.

Your hotel’s online brand is probably more significant than you realize. Protect it, and you’ll be sure to protect your ability to attract guests and turnover a profit.

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