2019 Survey Results Indicate How To Boost Ecommerce Sales

From video demonstrations to promotions and discounts, these techniques are a surefire way to boost sales and attention on your brand and establish your business as a trustworthy and credible place to find great products.

Video Demonstrations of Your Products

Customers love to see products in action so they can get a better idea of how the products work in an everyday situation. A video demonstration is easy to create with a video camera, a simple background, and a decent microphone. You’ll want to pitch the video fr demonstration purposes only, with a link at the end where the customers can get the product(s).

Don’t make your demonstration videos too focused on promoting the product. The customer doesn’t want to feel like they’re feeling pitched to but rather shown how your products work. An overly-pitchy video can cause customers to become irritated or annoyed, and maybe even disengage altogether! Keep your demonstration simple, straightforward, and streamlined. Short, specifically-themed videos are always more effective than long-winded explanations.

It’s best to write a short script before the video, so you’re not struggling to find your words during filming. Once you film your first demo video, the rest will come naturally. Customers will appreciate the effort, and you’ll be able to boost your sales by proving the legitimacy of your products and brand.

The Right Tools on Site

Every website should have a few essential tools to ensure it’s secure, usable, and working for you rather than against you. Whether it’s security badges or a POS system, these tools will further legitimize your business and help boost sales.

If your site doesn’t have any security badges, you’re probably not going to make many sales. With identity theft, credit card fraud, and cybercrimes on the rise, customers want to be sure that their information is secure. When big names like Target and Capital One are affected by data breaches, customers tend to get very nervous about smaller businesses and ecommerce sites.

Additionally, if you’re not using POS software that tracks your inventory and sales, you’ll find it difficult to keep track of your business’s daily activity. It’s important to know how your site is performing. When you know what’s going on in real-time, you can spot any errors or trends quickly and address them.

Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways to help new customers decide to try your brand is with customer testimonials. You should include these on your website and in some of your marketing efforts to show the public that people trust your brand and what you have to offer. Trust is important to the business-customer relationship and can mean the difference between closing a sale and losing it. Testimonials from people who’ve already used your products can help establish a reputation and make your products desirable.

After customers make a purchase, it’s usually a good idea to follow up with an email asking them to take a survey or provide a testimonial. This will help encourage customers to spread the word about our brand and give you some great promotional material to work with. Your testimonials are nothing less than essential marketing tools, so use them to their full potential!

Use AI

AI systems are excellent for increasing sales by optimizing your digital ad campaigns and providing precious insight directly from customer interactions. Use AI to create more effective campaigns base on customer preferences. Artificial intelligence systems can pull information from social media, emails, and more to help paint a more accurate picture of who your customers are and what they’re looking for.

Not to mention, AI systems like chatbots on your website can help your business interact with customers and help them find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Chatbots are quickly becoming the staple of every ecommerce website, so don’t fall behind the trend. You wouldn’t want to lose potential sales because of a faulty interaction!

As AI continues to develop and improve, we’re sure to see more uses for this incredible technology. We’re also seeing the rise of technologies like augmented and virtual reality, which will make product demonstration and business demos more interactive than ever.

Promotions and Discounts

What do customers love more than a great product? One that’s on sale, of course! Promotions and discounts can help boost your sales by attracting middle-ground customers (the ones who have considered purchasing your products but didn’t because of the price). Promotions are also a great way of promoting loyalty on your already established customer base, as favorite products for a lower price will always warrant attention.

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