3 Factors That Led to the Recent Wave of 1031 Exchanges

In the past five years, the housing market has seen a considerable increase in the number of 1031 exchanges, with some investors discovering the benefits of this tax deferral method while others are finally finding the right exchange property for their needs. The program has long been a way for investors to become exempt from paying capital gains on the sale of their investment property when their intention is to buy a new one of equal value. Traditionally it has been a lesser-known and commonly overlooked option that only savvy investors took advantage of, but with social media facilitating an increased rate of knowledge sharing, it has recently become a much more common form of tax deferral.

1. It’s a Buyer’s Market Right Now

Everywhere you look people are selling, and there seems to be a good selection of houses and investment properties in just about every region. You can find great commercial properties in most major cities, and with property-comparing simplified by online real estate directories, investors are finding it easier than ever to locate the right 1031 replacement properties. Since a broad range of investment properties are currently available and more are popping up every day, investors are in an ideal position to find a match that qualifies for a 1031 exchange.

2. Investors are Savvier and More Independent

In the past, investors were more dependent on agents to bring them buying recommendations and refer them in the right direction. Nowadays a savvy investor will be much quicker to take matters into their own hands and spend hours conducting independent research and browsing through property listings until they find what they’re looking for. The endless onslaught of motivational, self-help, and business-oriented content that floods the inboxes, news feeds, and web browsers of ambitious entrepreneurs only serves to further inspire them to push the issue and expedite things when it comes to making big investment moves.

3. Concerns Over Policy Changes

There’s been a particularly sharp increase in the number of 1031 exchanges that have been occurring in the past year since the U.S. elections became a hot topic. With funding for many programs being cut and/or diverted, some investors are concerned that they could miss their chance to save with the 1031 exchange process if the current administration decides to alter or stop the program. After all, if you calculate the capital gains tax on a $1 million property sale, it’s definitely an amount that’s worth saving.

Getting in on the Wave While It Lasts

Real estate experts and economic analysts are advising investors to take advantage of the 1031 program while it still exists in its current form. With the current political state of affairs being rather turbulent and a new administration making several major policy overhauls, it’s possible that the option could be modified to have more stringent requirements or even repealed altogether eventually. By the time any news of a revision or repeal hits the mainstream it could be too late to take action without having to rush into a property that you don’t really want.

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