4 Latest Ways To Customize User Experience On Your Website

User experience can refer to how a first time visitor feels while browsing your Website. It can also refer to how your loyal visitors while navigating through the Website. Thus, it is applicable to both new and existing visitors. However, both of them shall have a better experience if the Website pages are tailored to show what they want to see. This is where the difference is.

For example, a new visitor is more interested in knowing about the business, its history, required products on offer in detail, and discount offers before becoming a customer. On the other hand, an existing loyal customer is more interested in exploring new product launches, updates, how to guides, and free offers.

Thus, it is extremely important to customize Webpages for personalizing a user’s experience. This is far more than just providing a welcoming experience. It focuses on tailoring users’ experience as per their interests and preferences.

It is all about swiftly directing visitors to content that they are likely to enjoy, which is determined as per their former online behavior. It is also about performing this task without being overly insensitive, weird, or a lurker. Keeping this in mind, here are the latest but distinct ways to personalize the overall experience of visitors on your Website:

Enhance User Interaction

According to a recent study by Monetate, home marketers that customize user experience and quantify the resulting improvements gain a hike of approximately 20% in their sales. This is because customizing Webpages not only ensures easier and sustained browsing but also increases usability of the Website.

The ultimate result of such assurances is happier customers than before, which simply means more leads, more loyalty, more sales, and higher popularity. Some of the simple ways to improve interaction of visitors on a Webpage include tracking their actions right from a mouse movement to Webpages through visitor recording tools, making navigation easier, making search facility quicker, and simplifying online payments.

Use a Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine sends suggestions to your customers, which is as per their shown interests. For example, if a customer has shown interest in knowing about new sandals designs, the engine in use shall recommend them when they are available on the Website. Such recommendations are in use to suggest even investment opportunities.

Harness the Power of Facebook Graph API

Consider using Facebook Graph API that has replaced Facepile to inform the user’s social network about the purchases and actions performed on your Website. When a user subscribes or registers, a notification or status update goes to the user’s social network. This motivates the social friends to visit your site.

According to Sociable Labs, 57% of shoppers agreed that they were more likely to buy from where their friends have shopped before. This means more than half of the friends in only a single user’s social network is likely to click a link in the status update and shop on your site.

Tailor LIVE Chat

Stop using automated machines for chatting live. Rather, consider having a smart chat tool that can ping the customer the minute she or he clicks the Google+ or Facebook share button to trigger a personal feel. It should engage visitors in real-time and provide them instant solutions.

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