4 Must-Do Productivity Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur and business owner would love more time in the day, but it’s just not possible, so we are forced to improve our productivity in order to get more done in the 24-hours available each day.

Now, 24-hours a day might seem like plenty, but when you subtract time for family, life outside work, and sleep, it greatly reduces the time we have to handle business. There are ways to improve productivity, and allow us to accomplish more each day. Here are four productivity hacks that you should consider trying.

  1. Get rid of all distractions.

There are distractions all around, coming at us in all directions throughout the day. If you allow them in your life they will overtake you and control your time. It’s key that you not only identify what these distractions are, but also take measures to make sure they stay out of your life.

“Sometimes you have to think of yourself first, in a seemingly selfish way, and this can be difficult for many to grasp, ” explains Brad Rafferty of Wabash Power. “As a business owner, you need to put the well-being of your company and employees ahead of something like hitting happy hour with your friends.”

It takes some time to learn how to put blinders on to outside distractions, but once you learn the difference between toxic distractions and healthy distractions, you will see your personal productivity improve, which directly impacts your business.

  1. Delegate tasks to those that are better than you at them.

Trying to do everything yourself will lead to burnout, but it’s natural for entrepreneurs to feel like they can handle everything on their plate. “Once you realize that some people will be better at certain tasks than you, and delegate to them, you will see your productivity increase, ” says David Sessford of Ready Steady Sell. “When you are able to step away from one task and know it’s being handled correctly, you are able to pour more time into the areas of your business that you are strongest at.”

Identify the tasks that you are extremely good at, as well as those you aren’t. Next, find the best people to handle those tasks you are better off not being in charge of. It will free up your time and help you amass a team of the best qualified individuals.

  1. Leverage technology as much as possible.

You have to be willing to use technology as much as possible these days. Take the time to identify apps and software that will help you get more done in a shorter period of time. Don’t get stuck in your ways, as you might miss an opportunity to drastically improve your overall productivity.

“These days, it’s possible to manage your business on the go, using a laptop and smart phone. You no longer have to be behind your desk to do things like check emails, manage inventory or take conference calls, ” explains Chris Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics.

Don’t forget that you can also knock out tasks while you are commuting or working out at the gym. With your business at your fingertips, literally, take advantage of down time as much as possible.

  1. Don’t focus only on the amount of time worked.

Many people are under the impression that the amount of time worked directly relates to success, and that simply isn’t the case at all. So many entrepreneurs will brag about working 18 hour days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those were 18 hours of time well spent.

“The amount of time worked doesn’t matter if you aren’t being productive. Focus on tasks completed and progress made, rather than the amount of time worked. Working eight hours and knocking out your entire to-do list is more productive than working 18-hours and having to finish in the morning, ” advises Michael Plaza, CEO of Compare the Financial Markets.

Have daily competitions with yourself and try to get tasks crossed off your to-do list as quickly as possible. Entrepreneurs are competitive by nature, and sometimes a little head game as simple as this can really improve completion times for tasks.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.