6 Tips for Chartering Your Next Business Flight

Business trips come in all types. Some are planned well in advance while others have to be arranged on short notice. Have you thought about how a charter flight would work well for your next business trip? Here are some tips that will help you determine if choosing to rent gulfstream g650

Check on the Capacity

How many people will be going along for the trip? You can find a jet for business travel that will accommodate six to eight people or go with one that will have room for up to 20 people. One of the first things you want to think about is if the service has charters with enough capacity for your party.

The Range Matters Too

Different charter jets are capable of traveling certain distances without the need to refuel. When you would prefer to fly from departure point to the destination without landing in between, make sure the charter reservation is for a jet that can go the entire distance on one tank of fuel. For example, if you rent Gulfstream G650, the range is 7,000 miles. That would easily get you to a number of destinations without any need to stop along the way.

Do You Have Room to Work?

Since this is a business trip, there are likely some tasks you want to complete before arriving at the destination. It’s not unusual that a jet for business will have enough space to meet with some of your coworkers as well as space for you to spread out documents, your electronic devices, and whatever else you need to work on those tasks. If there is something special you need in terms of space to work, tell the service in advance. They will ensure the right jet is reserved for your trip.

How About Cargo Storage?

Your business trip happens to be exhibiting at a trade show. That means you need to take along containers with your exhibit, promotional items you plan on giving away, and printed matter to pass out to the attendees. When the plan is to take those materials with you rather than ship them ahead, make sure the charter flight has ample room for the cargo.

Ask About Internet Service

You will likely need a stable Internet connection to do any work while you are on the way to the destination. Find out if this type of service is included with the basic rental or if it’s available for an additional charge. If there’s any other types of services you may need, remember to ask about them also. Doing so will ensure that when you rent Gulfstream G650 for the trip, no need is overlooked.

Can the Service Help With Last Minute Trips?

Situations can arise that mean you need to make a trip without any prior notice. Attempting to fly standby on a commercial flight doesn’t always work. In addition, you may end up wasting valuable time waiting for a connecting flight along the way. When you need a jet for business without much advance notice, contact a charter service. They are in a better position to get you where you need to go without any delays.

Try a charter service for your next business trip. Feel free to ask questions about flight options and what amenities and features are available with different types of jets. Whether you have lots of time to plan or need to make a trip to deal with an emergency, this type of travel arrangement will serve you well.

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