7 Tools to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

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If you market your business on Instagram, you know the social media platform’s reputation for high engagement rates. More than a third of Instagram users have made a mobile purchase after interacting with a brand account, but how can you ensure your own followers do the same?

Here are seven of the best Instagram tools for targeting the right demographics on Instagram and converting them into customers for life.

  1. Magic Social.

The followers mostly likely to become customers are those who are already interested in what you sell. They might live in the neighborhood where you have a brick and mortar store, or they might be following hashtags related to your industry. Magic Social targets these followers and engages with them on your behalf, which means you’ll have time to focus on other things.

Instead of depending on bots to do the work, this service employs growth experts who work individually with each client. Smart filters enable precision targeting based on hashtags, usernames, and locations. Registration is simple, and many clients see rapid results.

  1. Kicksta.

Another approach to locating potential customers is focusing on the people who follow accounts similar to yours. For example, they might be following your competitors or influencers who represent your industry. Kicksta is a service that reaches out to followers on a list of target accounts you provide.

Your account manager will like one or two photos from each follower for a total of 30,000 likes per month. This type of engagement gets users’ attention without being intrusive, improving your brand’s organic reach. Clients receive a monthly growth report as proof of Kicksta’s effectiveness.

  1. Instagram Feed WD.

While Instagram is a powerful marketing platform, it’s not the only way to build your customer base. Many consumers search for information rather than specific brands or products. Writing a blog, therefore, is a great way to reach a wider audience. With Instagram Feed WD, you can encourage your blog readers to interact with your Instagram content as well.

This plugin allows WordPress users to display image feeds from one or more Instagram accounts. You can include feed for a specific hashtag within a blog post on the same topic and increase brand recognition by customizing your WordPress theme to match your Instagram style. The user-friendly interface functions equally well on desktop computers, tablets, and phones.

  1. Have2Have.It.

Followers will only become customers if you provide a quick and easy way to make a purchase. One downside to Instagram is that you can’t include external links in your captions, but this app directs followers to your online store via your profile link. Have2Have.It creates a shoppable gallery that looks exactly like your Instagram feed. When followers click on a photo, they have instant access to product information and can add the item to their shopping cart.

  1. IFTTT.

To focus your time and energy on conversion, you need to eliminate tedious tasks like managing duplicate content. If Instagram is only one of many social media sites you use, this free platform is a lifesaver. The IFTTT applet syncs your Instagram account with the rest of your apps and devices.

Save your photos to Google Drive or OneStop and send them to Gmail or Slack. Load your Instagram photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr simultaneously, all by including a few hashtags in the original caption. In addition to its business applications, IFTTT is great for managing vacation or wedding photos.

  1. Magisto.

Nothing boosts your sales and engagement more than high-quality video marketing. Harnessing the power of A.I., Magisto analyzes your photos and video footage and turns them into a masterful piece of storytelling. Choose from a gallery of iStock images, a collection of soundtracks, and a variety of video-editing styles to guide the process, then use the Insights feature to track your customers’ viewing behavior and content preferences.

  1. Unfold.

Most of us can’t resist a sale, especially if it’s a limited-time offer. When it comes to Instagram, your followers will engage the most with ephemeral content; they need to stay vigilant for fear of missing out. Instagram Stories are as popular as they are fleeting, and one of the most popular apps for creating them is Unfold.

Available for iOS and Android, the app features an extensive library of templates organized by theme. Create minimal and elegant Stories with the Clasico series, show your rebellious side with the Ripped Paper motif, or recreate the look and feel of old-fashioned photography with the Film Frame collection.

What top Instagram tools do you use to turn followers into customers? Share your ideas in the comments.

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