Amplify Your Reach! 3 Critical Benefits of Advertising in an Online Business Directory

Did you know that two-thirds of businesses already advertise online to increase their brand’s visibility and increase their sales?

That means if you don’t already have an online presence, your competitors might be getting your potential customers! Not good!

Whether you just opened up or have been in business for years, now is a great time to add your company to an online business directory. Not only will you open yourself up to a new customer base, but you’ll also gain some other surprising benefits.

Read on and we’ll show you three critical benefits of advertising in an online business directory.

1. It’s Affordable Advertising for Your Business

If you have a limited marketing budget, an online business directory can increase your brand awareness for a small monthly cost. Some directories even let you post free business listings!

How much you pay will ultimately depend on the features you want. If you have more money to spare, you can choose options to make your company listing more prominent among competitors and integrate your social media sites into the listing. But a free listing will still include basic company information, like your address and phone number, to customers.

Compare your business’s online advertising costs to those of radio, TV, and print advertising. You’ll be surprised just how much more affordable an online business directory listing is!

2. It Improves Your SEO

When you add your company to a business directory online, you’ll often find that the information spreads to other online directories since they sometimes share information.

So when you search your company’s name on a search engine like Google, you’ll see several online listings showing company info like reviews, your location, and your contact details. This increased online visibility for your company also creates more backlinks to your company’s website.

Even better, the customer doesn’t need to know your business’s name yet to find you. As long as you follow good SEO practices, a search for business type or product can lead them to you.

The end result is that you get more brand exposure as it becomes easier for customers to find you.

3. You’ll Gain More Customers (and Money)

It’s no surprise that online directories for businesses can help with gaining more customers. After all, the more prominent your company is in search results, the easier it is for more people to find it.

As more customers find you through online listings, they will likely visit your website to learn more. They’ll probably also research you on company review sites to see what other customers are saying.

If you’ve got a good reputation and offer what customers want, not only will they consider using you for their needs, but they may even recommend you to their friends and family. You’ll even find that having this increased online presence adds trust to your brand.

Not only will you get free advertising as other people recommend you, but you’ll also see your profits grow as more people choose your business!

Now You Know Why an Online Business Directory Is a Great Choice

With increased brand awareness, a better company reputation, and lots of new customers to gain, what are you waiting for? The benefits of business directories online outweigh the little (or no) cost you’ll pay.

Go research some online business directory options and create online listings for your company. Be sure to update your listings when something changes, like your company offers new services, changes locations, or gains new social media sites.

Be sure to also check out our business blog to find more tips for improving your business.

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