Apps and Tools for Small Businesses for 2018

Today’s small business owner fills more roles than ever before and it requires you to be organized and on top of ever-increasing pieces of information. But just how does someone keep it all together? Can everything be run from a computer or a smartphone? Or would it be wiser to invest in a tablet?

A great deal depends on the type of business you’re starting. If you are planning to work mostly from home, your needs will be entirely different than someone who intends to either rent office space or have a retail storefront. Today it is possible to run your entire business from your smartphone. According to an article which appeared on the Next I.T. website you can run everything for your business from your smartphone even when you’re constantly on the go. Below is a list of apps that can keep every aspect of your business running smoothly.

Financial & Invoicing

Not all businesses are about making money, but every business needs to keep track of what finances go out and what comes in. According to attorney John Tumelty from the Law Office of John W. Tumelty, keeping good financial records is a must for every business. “No matter what kind of business you are in; whether you provide service, sell retail or anything else, keeping track of everything for tax purposes and having quick access to that information can help avoid getting into trouble.”

QuickBooks – Both QuickBooks for desktop and QuickBooks mobile allows users to seamlessly connect to bank accounts, credit card accounts having up to the minute information at your fingertips. This app tracks expenses, manages bills, pays suppliers, and sends invoices to clients as well as tracks payroll information. QuickBooks plans start at $5 and go to $27 per month depending on features needed.

Square – Square is the most widely used payment solution for small businesses. It allows users to accept debit or credit card payments via smartphone or tablet. Each swipe costs 2.75% with funds usually available by the next business day.

PayPal Here – Comparable to Square’s payment app, PayPal Here connects directly to an existing PayPal account. The app allows users to receive credit and debit card payments immediately. The card reader works with smartphones or tablets. Each swipe costs 2.7% per transaction. Funds are deposited immediately into an existing PayPal account. Additional payment, invoicing and record keeping options are available.

Productivity Apps

Evernote – Evernote allows users to save articles, webpages, PDFs and audio clips information at the click of a button. Most browsers have enabled the Evernote to allow for seamless clipping while online. Evernote has a free version that allows users to upload up to 60 megabytes per month. Evernote Plus allows for 1GB per month while the Premium version $69.99 per year and allows 10 GB per data each month as well as integration with Microsoft Office apps and other features which allow collaboration with your work team.

NumReceipt – NumReceipt allows users to cut down on lost receipts and clutter. You can scan and upload your paper receipts and organize them for expense reports and tracking. Track mileage, generate PDF or XLS reports as well as receipt matching. Prices range from $0 – $33.

Work Log – For those who bill by the hour, WorkLog is an app that allows both service providers and their employees to keep track their time. Available at both the Apple and Google Play stores, details such as mileage, expenses, tips, sales, holiday and overtime pay can be customized to suit individual business requirements.

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