5 of the Best Feature Films Shot in Florida

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Feature film shooting on location is difficult to pull off successfully. The right production values and performances are needed to make every scene fit in with the final product.

Shooting films in Florida – the third most popular place for film production in the U.S. – is easy with a professional Orlando Video Production Company. They have the right film equipment, talented crew, and location knowledge that’s essential for a great final film.

feature films shot in florida.
feature films shot in florida. Image by 272447 from Pixabay

To get an idea how films shot in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida will look, watch one or more of the films detailed below:

1. Ocean’s Eleven

The long-running Ocean’s series about a ragtag group of misfit criminals led by George Clooney and Brad Pitt saw many scenes filmed in Central Florida. A remake of a rat-pack movie from the 60s, the plot was modernized to feature the simultaneous robbery of three Las Vegas casinos.

Not content with the complexity of pulling off a trio of casino heists, Ocean’s team dealt with other obstacles including personal conflicts and team members wanting a larger role to play.

2. Moonlight

The 2016 Oscar winning Moonlight was shot primarily in Miami. Rather than focusing on the glitzy side of the city, the location scout and director sought out places that provided a lived-in feel.

Furthermore, a documentary film quality was devised by using CinemaScope shot on Arri Alexa cameras that provided greater clarity on skin tone. The Miami visuals were further adjusted to resemble film shot on different film stock by adjusting both the saturation and contrast levels to reflect the main character at different ages.

3. Passenger 57

The action film Passenger 57 starring Wesley Snipes was a sleeper hit. It’s ‘hijack on a plane’ scenario featured scenes in the Orlando/Tampa area of Central Florida. Snipes heralds from the Orlando area, which made filming easier for him. The surprise hit turned him into an action movie star. The combination of impressive background visuals and compact scenes inside the plane sitting in a Florida airport made for many suspenseful moments.

4. Springbreakers

Springbreakers, the film released in 2013 about a group of college students on spring break in Florida, saw scenes shot near St. Petersburg in Florida. Additional college scenes were shot at the New College of Florida. Given that the plot had the main characters vacationing in Florida, it never made sense to shoot the film anywhere else: Florida was ready for her close-up.

5. Wild Things

Wild Things was an electrifying thriller that energized audiences in the late 90s. Befuddled detective Sergeant Ray Duquette played by Kevin Bacon tried to figure out what a trio of women was plotting in the heat of Florida in the summertime. The offbeat drama pitted audience members against the main cast of characters as they tried to work out who was guilty and who was innocent. The Florida locations were ideal for the outside locations that required authenticity to avoid giving off the wrong note.

In each movie, using a Florida-based location and often in downtown Orlando, it provided the necessary visuals and atmosphere that made the films more engrossing. With a great outdoor location, you get an authenticity that’s impossible to capture on a soundstage.

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