Best Source to Leverage Your Personal Brand

What is a Personal Brand?

Personal branding is the concept of marketing yourself and your career as a brand. Your personal brand is the way that people think of you. It includes your unique set of skills, your combined experiences, appearance, and maybe most importantly, your intangible attributes such as punctuality and personality. As an individual you have your own unique brand. If you don’t take control of your personal brand, you will miss out on opportunities.

Why Should You Care About Your Personal Brand?

We live in the world of Google. Before you even leave home for an interview you have been Googled, screened, and judged. To make a good first impression you want a strong and positive online presence. Your personal brand is the critical leverage you should use in in both low and high-stake negotiations.

Best Resource to Learn More

Learn all about how to protect and leverage your personal brand so you have a competitive advantage. How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength is the ultimate security system to protect your most valuable intellectual property asset – your personal brand.

How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength is a quick read with step-by-step action items. Complete with an interactive work journal so that you can instantly begin to blend your thoughts, observations, and accountability plan with the insights captured in this book. When finished, you will have your own 90-day plan customized to your needs.

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