Business are Improving Retail Signage in 2018 to Compete with Online Retailers

Retail signage is booming in 2018, with vision and technology being a cornerstone of marketing campaigns. NBC’s studio relied on a series of signage to help promote and capture the Winter Olympics, using LED displays to bring the Olympic “feel” to life for viewers.

The studio’s creative and logistics teams came together to form the idea of using PyeongChang’s mountains to develop their marketing concepts.

Marketing in 2018 is focusing on maximizing showroom walls and windows to market products and services. Retail store competition is on the rise, as more retailers go out of business and are trying to compete with online stores.

Toys R’ Us announced that the company is going bankrupt and will be closing all of their stores. The toy company cited increased competition for their demise, as Sears and other retailers struggle to stay afloat.

CNBC reports that retail sales fell for the third month in a row in February. Income tax cuts are expected to help consumers save $1.5 trillion, which retailers are hoping will be spent in stores.

Stores are increasing their marketing efforts with a focus on window graphics. Large-scale graphics can be seen on the windows of clothing outlets like Old Navy, which is using window graphics to promote sales. Mobile providers are using window graphics to promote their low price or unique features in an attempt to lure more foot traffic into their brick-and-mortar stores.

Die-cut stickers and decals are also a popular choice this year, with many stores opting to add these colorful decals to their windows. Bright colors and custom logos help make the windows “pop” and catches the attention of potential shoppers.

Disney Parks’ digital marketing director shared his insights for online trends with Inc. uiz claims that storytelling is a must in 2018 with online outlets, including Amp, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Brick-and-mortar retailers are utilizing configurable displays and soft signage as a way to tell their stories through imagery in stores.

Ruiz also suggests companies going live with their products or moments. Facebook and Instagram Live are key to digital marketing in 2018. He claims viewers watch Live videos three times longer than other video formats and are ten times more likely to comment on Facebook or Instagram Live videos. Brick-and-mortar stores moving into the digital spectrum are using Live and social media to expand their reach and stay connected with consumers.

Ruiz also encourages smaller retailers to experiment and not be scared with their marketing. He explains that companies need to surround themselves with experts that can help businesses bring their ideas to life. He reiterates that online marketing is continually changing, and that marketing teams need to change and evolve to stay ahead of the changes.

He explains that these are just a few of the key marketing avenues that Disney is focusing on, along with the evolution of Chatbots as well as voice-activated technology. He encourages companies to create “skills” for Amazon’s Alexa and leverage new technologies as they grow, such as voice-activated technology, which sold more than 30 million units in 2017.

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