Business Travel 5 Fantastic Apps for Travelling

When you are on the road, you don’t always have time to look up every little detail. Instead, you can rely on your smartphone to make sure that you get where you are going when you are supposed to be there. If you choose the right app, you can even have a great time along the way. Check out these five great travel apps that you need to pick up today!

TripIt Travel Organizer

The TripIt Travel Organizer is one of the most widely downloaded travel apps today, and that makes sense. This app is linked to your email, allowing you to pull up information from your train itineraries, your flight plan, your hotel reservation number and your dinner reservations. You can also pick up itinerary changes and flight delays.


Have you ever been in a strange city with no idea where you can stay? HotelTonight tells you about all of the hotels in the area which have openings. It allows you to book a hotel immediately, and even though you cannot book until noon, you can still have a soft place to sleep within a matter of minutes after that. This is perfect for the business traveler or for the couple on a random roadtrip. We booked a great Hotel at Yess! Hotell in Kristiansand on out latest Norwegian business trip.

Flight Track

With Flight Track, you will have all of the important information about your flight. You’ll know about gate changes, delays and sudden speed ups if a plane ends up coming in earlier than expected. You’ll also be given information about where the baggage claims and about the seat availability! If you fly often, Flight Track is one app you need. Airports can be tricky places, and you’ll find that it is amazingly simple to get lost looking for your gate. Flight Track allows you to prevent that from happening.

Open Table

Take the confusion out of deciding where to eat when you pick up OpenTable. OpenTable operates well both in the United States and out of it, and you’ll find that it can help you learn more about local restaurants as well as helping you make a reservation. If you are someone who often goes to areas that you are not familiar with, this app is an important choice when you want to keep yourself fed!


While Instagram is not an app that is specifically designed for travel, many travelers find that it is a must-have. When you are on the road, you will see things that you want to share with your family and friends. Your smartphone allows you to take a quick snapshot, but Instagram will help you make the shot a real winner. You can use various Instagram filters to make your pictures pop, giving your friends a home a glimpse of what you are up to.

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