Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Law Firm

What’s In a Name?

William Shakespeare famously penned the question, “What’s in a name?” Though the Bard was pondering issues of family feuds and star-crossed lovers, his question remains relevant even in today’s high-tech environment. When it comes to selecting a domain name for your law firm’s website, a name is critically important. Your domain name is what potential clients will type into their browser to reach your website. Your domain name should be picked with great care to optimize your website’s potential to reach new clients. Below you will find the top five factors you should consider when selecting a domain name:

  • Ease of Remembering: You want current and prospective clients to be able to remember your name with ease. A name that is too long or complicated may cause clients to have trouble finding your site. The ending of your domain name is just as important as the rest of it. Most clients will automatically use the ending .” com.” While it may be tempting to select an alternative ending if your favorite name is taken, doing so may cause clients to access the wrong website. Keep your name short, with a .com ending, and relevant to your firm so that clients will never forget how to reach their favorite lawyers.
  • Consider the Spelling: Many law firms instantly turn to domain names that use the last names of their principal founders. While this can make for an excellent domain name in certain circumstances, some last names are quite difficult to spell. If a client hears of your firm, but cannot figure out the correct spelling, this can cost you business. Carefully consider the ease with which your potential domain name can be spelled by people with limited familiarity with your practice.
  • Capitalize on Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google and other major search engines will consider your domain name when generating your search rankings. Use this to your advantage and configure your domain name into your overall SEO strategy. Including geographic locations and practice, keywords can help to point prospective clients to your domain.
  • Get Creative: Your domain name should ultimately represent you. Your name will be a vital component to your overall brand, and as such, it should remain consistent with your firm’s central mission. Use your domain name as an opportunity to briefly describe yourself to potential clients. With some creativity, your firm name can stand as a launching point for your entire legal marketing campaign.
  • Hire a Professional: Creating the right domain name is an art form. It takes experience, skill, and marketing know-how. Find an innovative legal marketing team that has assisted law firms across the country in selecting the perfect domain name. With your domain name secured, they can assist you in crafting a captivating website and catapulting your law firm to success through proven and effective marketing techniques.
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