Creating A Professional Business Look

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Whether it’s your first day at the office or you’re wanting to make a good impression as an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a professional business look if you want people to take you seriously. There is a reason why stores and offices have dress codes, and there is a reason why men wear suits and women wear pantsuits.

You want to look polished and put together. You want people to be able to be focused on the business at hand and not distracted by the comical t-shirt you’re wearing or the smell emitting from your unwashed clothes. Here are a few simple tips to follow in order to maintain that professional look when it comes to work and career.

Pay Attention To Hygiene

Your number one goal when it to comes to coming off as professional, and not offending the people you work with or come into contact with on a daily basis, is to practice good hygiene. It’s really not that difficult to hop in the shower and wash yourself every morning before you head to work.

Not only do you want to clean your body and wash your hair, it’s also important to groom yourself and put on deodorant. Yes, the scruffy look with beards and all of that is in style, but you can keep your beard trimmed up and brush your hair. Don’t forget to brush your teeth too!

Keep Your Hair Groomed

Good hair in the business world is about a little more than just brushing your hair. While you don’t need to get fancy with a curling iron every single day, it is important to keep your hair trimmed up on a regular basis so it isn’t getting out of control.

To Makeup Or Not To Makeup?

Whether a woman wants to wear makeup to work or not is completely up to her. If you’re not really the makeup wearing kind of person and you’re comfortable in your own skin, why spend hours putting makeup on if it’s just going to make you feel out of sorts? Clean skin is important, however.

You might want to do something simple, like cover blemishes with a foundation. Many women simply put on some lipstick, and nothing else, to give the illusion they’ve put time into their makeup and beauty routine.

Picking The Right Wardrobe

What you wear to work can say a lot about you. If you go to the office in a t-shirt and jeans people don’t generally take you seriously, unless it’s casual Friday. Have a suit, a pantsuit, or at least a nice shirt and dress pants or skirt, that round out your work wardrobe. Of course, you’ll want a few of each to get through the five-day work week.

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