E-Commerce Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

Creating your own business online requires plenty of dedication and know-how, and one area that can’t be overlooked is the importance of marketing your new site. Without an effective marketing plan, you just won’t get the visitors you hoped for, and won’t create that “buzz” that is imperative to the success of your business.

We took a look at a variety of e-commerce stores that are doing it right, such as the popular soccerloco site and the big brands like BestBuy and Amazon, so we could put together a list of e-commerce marketing tips you can start using right away.

Embracing the Trend

First things first, it’s important as a new business to understand just how much of an impact e-commerce has nowadays. Even when some businesses are recording losses and declines, e-commerce continues to be on the rise. The fact of the matter is that consumers appreciate the convenience of being able to shop online. It’s important as an entrepreneur that you recognize these trends and give customers what they want, a pleasant online shopping experience.

Look at Strategic Partnerships and Alignments

One way to jump-start your e-commerce business and garner attention is to form a strategic partnership or alliance with an already established company or business. You and this business have to share something in common in order for the partnership to work. As well, it needs to be a business that already has a steady and significant customer base. By aligning with such a company, you will instantly have access to a whole new group of customers, and your alignment with that business will form trust credibility in the customer’s eyes.

Embrace and Understand Social Networks

Here’s an area that can often be overlooked when in fact this can work as an excellent marketing tool. Understanding and embracing the importance of social networks can help you build a customer base quite quickly if you go about it in the right way. Social networks will help you to find new customers, but they also help in terms of building your brand and actually influencing people. It’s a way to start your own trends if you will and have people become interested in them.

Make Use of Strategic PR

Here we go again with the word “strategic” but once again it’s an important tip. You want to be careful that you don’t just flood the market with advertising. Instead effective marketing plans now use strategic PR, which means knowing where the best places are to advertise, when to advertise, and how to advertise. This requires quite a bit of research on your end, but can prove to be lucrative when it comes to the results.

Think high awareness events, campaigns, and product launches. You want it to make a splash right away and be an anticipated event.

The Landscape is Changing

The rise of e-commerce businesses is really changing the landscape when it comes to marketing. As business owners learn how to adjust their marketing campaigns and reach their customers in new and effective ways, the e-commerce industry will only profit and continue to grow.

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Boris Dzhingarov

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