ETX Capital Rolls Out New Trader Sentiment Mapper

Clients of ETX Capital, a global provider of cutting edge technology for competitive pricing of multiple markets, have a new feature to try out on the website. The feature allows them to measure and track investor sentiment across various markets. The feature actually has three areas that each provide a unique type of data.

  • Interactive chart

The interactive chart actually serves a dual purpose. It contains the overall current trading sentiment of various products, and acts as a navigation tool to select specific products and break them down further.

  • Historical graph

With the historical graph that tracks both sentiment as well as price, clients can see how investor sentiment has affected a particular product in the past. That data can then help them to extrapolate how the current sentiment may affect the price of the product in the future too.

  • News stream

Accompanying the investor sentiment data is a news stream that contains all financial news items specifically related to the product that has been selected. It can provide invaluable context and help frame the current sentiment and market conditions accordingly.

ETX says between these three areas, clients should be able to extract enough information to make important decisions regarding how they want to invest in the products in question. Depending on how bullish or bearish the sentiment may be, they can make a prediction regarding how it might affect the market price – based on how it has done so in the past.

Effectively the Trader Sentiment Mapper gives ETX Capital clients an invaluable tool to extend their ability to make successful trades. It can even help reveal potentially profitable trades that may otherwise have been difficult or close to impossible to identify without knowing exactly where the current market sentiment stands for a certain product.

etx capital sentiment

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