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Sole traders have the great benefit of being organisations with a little more flexibility to work. In no place is this more evident as in the case office space. Typically, but not always, sole traders can choose from floor plans that can be very modest but will allow them to grow comfortably. Fortunately, they can make these choices, even in an office climate where rents are traditionally high.

Rents are naturally going to be elevated in Auckland and Wellington, places known to draw business. Your serviced office provider, however, can mitigate some of these expenses simply by providing all-inclusive office space at a greatly reduced price. For example, the coworking space is probably the best solution for sole traders who need valuable office space in places that are centrally located. Servcorp coworking space in Auckland, for example, can provide sole traders with the professional polish they need while helping their business with their office needs.

Continue reading for more information about how Servcorp can help your business if you’re a sole trader.

Industry Perks

There is a great benefit to belonging to a coworking community. While you are still leasing space, coworking involves more than leasing workspace. As a sole trader, you become a part of a larger community of professionals who work in your industry. The coworking space provides your business with the chance to bargain, trade, and even cash in on the skills of others while marketing your own skills.

The coworking space – Servcorp offers in Auckland – provides your business with this same opportunity from its high rise off of Quay Street. Being situated near the business centre allows you valuable workspace in one of the most exciting work environments. Of the many benefits of joining a coworking space with Servcorp, this community is one of the most important ones.

Professional Perks

In addition to occupying space in one of the most esteemed locations in Auckland, your coworking space with Servcorp fits out your business with the finest furnishings in a building retrofitted with the latest technology. For your business, this means that you do not have to worry about installing cable and internet that is compatible with the technologies needed by your business. Moreover, the buildings come staffed with capable support ready to handle your business needs. Upon entering the building, you can see for yourself the offices are designed with the corporate image in mind, and as a sole trader trying to convey a professional impression, the Servcorp fit-out fits the bill.

The Servcorp Community

Don’t let the corporate gloss trick you into thinking Servcorp’s corporate veneer is just another stuffy coworking fit out that will provide your business with workspace and nothing else. The opposite is actually the truth. The community that makes up this space is devoted to promoting the type of social interaction that encourages businesses to connect with others that can be a bridge to success.

With an event calendar that places emphasis on both the professional and the social aspects of networking, you can find yourself attending conferences and other networking events that can get you plugged into the business community. Social get-togethers are usually happy hours or lunch meetups that can introduce you to other professionals in the community. In all, you are not only finding office space, but you are joining a professional community in the true sense of community.

A Place For Business

The Servcorp office plan has been around for a while servicing businesses all over the world. With a coworking space with the provider, you have access to space all over the world, not just New Zealand. More importantly, the Servcorp coworking space can be a great place to make an impression and establish yourself on the world stage.

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