Getting Retail Displays Ready For Fall

If you’ve got a retail display (physical or virtual for the sake of argument), then you’re probably starting to gather your materials for the upcoming fall season. Big store, little store, big industry, small industry – how well you present yourself can make a huge difference in how much you sell, and how much of an impact you make on your clientele.

That said, some questions you can ask yourself in the developmental process upcoming include – do you need mannequins, how’s your color scheme in theory, are your coupons and discounts ready, is your website in order, and do you know what your point of emphasis is going to be in the coming season? Fail to answer these at your own peril!

Do You Need Mannequins?

If you have any kind of front window at your store, then you know how effective mannequins can be in both attracting people into your place of work, and showcasing the types of things that you have to offer. So if you’re looking to upgrade this type of advertising experience, get those still-life people ready to rock before the summer gets too much further in.

How’s Your Color Scheme?

And color schemes change with seasons as well. If you’ve got your bright yellows and hot oranges going in your advertising for the summer months, you’ll be looking to find an autumn scheme here really quick. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to think about things as basic as this. If you always prepare at least one season in advance, you’ll have the competitive edge over retails folks that always seem to be behind the power curve. That way your cardboard displays and other elements of your store have a unified theme.

Are Your Coupons and Discounts Ready?

And no retail display is going to be complete if there’s isn’t some sort of sale associated with it. So, if you want to be part of the news process in your area, make sure that you send out physical coupons to show the discounts that’ll be available as the season changes.

What’s Your Website Look Like?

It’s no surprise that well-designed websites can directly factor into retail sales. Either you can sell things virtually through your online space, or at least direct people to your products and/or your physical location. Plus, you tend to have more control over a screen on the web than you might on a real-time display in your store.

Is Your Point of Emphasis Ready?

If your retail space doesn’t have a point of emphasis that you can focus on in the upcoming months, now is the time to consider what you might bring to the table for everyone involved in the decisions right around the corner. You can either maintain focus on things that have worked before, or you can choose something new to work with.

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Melissa Thompson

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