Guide to Selling Your Own Home in 2019 Housing Market

If you are looking to relocate, upgrade to your dream home, or downsize after your children leave the house, then selling your home may be a reality in 2015. The housing market has been anything but consistent following the real estate crash that paralleled the world recession in 2008. As a prospective, you can rest easy knowing there are people out there working harder than ever to ensure the sale of your house is executed with ease and at a price you can live with. Below is a direct quote from real estate expert Nick from Bridging – Bridging Loan Experts

“I work with thousands of agents both in the UK and abroad providing them with quality leads for their businesses. We are pro-choice and strictly NOT anti-estate agent. We believe that the British consumer should have a better choice when it comes to selling a home. Our direct sales service is an effective and recognized alternative. We aim to help home owners by allowing them to take more control while at the same time saving them money.”

He then went on to say:

“Buyers that are shown around a property by an estate agent can feel frustrated when the agent hardly knows any meaningful information about the property. Things like running costs, the age of the boiler, bus routes, and where to find the local doctors are not part of agent speak. Buyers appreciate straight-forward, honest language and can often be turned off by a sales-driven approach. Use this fact to shine and promote the home better than most estate agents can ever do.”

According to Nick, direct sale of your home can save you thousands on commission expenses that would normally be due to your agent and the buyer’s agent. That is money in your pocket to help pay for what life throws you next. Those thousands of saved dollars may also give you more leverage as a seller in negotiating the terms of your sale. You can rest easy knowing you do not have to gauge the buyer for every penny, since you are already in the green.

No one knows your house better than you. With the help of Nick Marr’s direct sales method, you can use your expertise that no estate agent can offer. Selling your home in 2015 has been made easier than ever by the efforts of Nick Marr and his brilliant company. Do not hesitate. Step out and sell your home today for a price you can live with. Your next life journey is closer and more feasible than ever.

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