Here’s Why You Want To Consider Using Video Marketing

Video content is now seen as being vital for the success of online marketing by many highly experienced marketers. As companies from all around the world move their offices online, promotion methods used in the past evolve and need to change to adapt to the new environment. Video marketing is something that should be taken into account by every single online business. It is not hard to locate production companies like Spiel Studios that offer great video content you can use in your campaigns but why should you do that? Here are some advantages you should be aware of.

Sales And Conversions Are Boosted

A video can easily help you to make more money for anything that you do online. As a simple example, as you add product videos on landing pages it is possible that conversion rates would increase by up to 80%, which is quite a lot in a highly competitive market. Video is also really useful in creating direct sales. Around 75% of online visitors to websites selling products that watch explainer videos seriously considered buying or actually bought. We already know that pictures will boost sales and conversions and videos basically make everything even better.

Great Return On Investment

Every marketer thinks about ROI when marketing campaigns are created. With video, the return on investment made is shown to be a lot better than with most alternatives. Video production is definitely expensive but because sales and conversions are drastically increased, you can be sure that your ROI is impressive.

Keep in mind that videos you would use in online marketing do not actually need to be 100% perfect. In most situations it is the content that will be most important for the viewer. According to different research studies made, most users will be put off by videos that do not explain services and products in a clear way. If the quality of the video is lower, it normally does not affect the situation much.

Increased Buyer Trust

Trust is vital for sales and conversions. When you run an online business you want to be sure to build trust. This is actually a goal you should have. Content marketing is all about branding and trust. Video content helps you to engage and generates emotions. You want to be sure that you think about the possibility of using video because people tend to trust what they see. Words will never build as much trust as video will.

Increased Mobile User Appeal

Last but not least, mobile users simply love watching videos since text is much harder to follow on the smaller screens. We see a constant increase in the number of people that use mobile devices to browse the internet. With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense to simply offer exactly what the users want. Video content will work a lot better on mobile devices than any other way to promote content. When you focus on mobile viewership, video is a must-do.

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