How A Business Can Improve Employee Loyalty With These 4 Tips

With today’s ease of applying to new jobs and availability to see new job openings employee loyalty can dwindle at some businesses. Keeping employee retention high is extremely important as hiring/training new employees can be a real stress on company cash flow. Most employees just want to be appreciated and feel valued as more than production numbers. The atmosphere of the office daily is also quite important as a positive office energy can make people not mind coming into work. The following are tips to help improve employee loyalty at a company of any size.

Allow Top Performers To Work Remotely

The best perk in many professional circles is that of being able to work remotely. This gives an employee the option of living anywhere in the world which can allow them to improve their quality of life. Moving to a country with a much lower cost of living can also allow an employee to save far more money. This perk only needs to be offered to top performers as it does allot quite a bit of freedom. Remote working privileges should have minimum goals to stay available as a employee low in terms of production needs to be in the office.

Help Them With Contacts That Can Help Them When Possible

Employees need help personally at points so recommending something like a therapist for a child or Jackson accident attorney can be important. Referring an employee to a firm that helps them win a settlement after an accident can convince the employee to stay with the company indefinitely. Not only can you intro them to people that can help but allowing a person going through a personal struggle to work from home or leave early to go to a therapist can make all of the difference.

Free Lunch shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Free lunch is a perk that can do a myriad of things for the company. This cuts down on those long lunch breaks that are far too common when a time tracking system isn’t implemented at a company. A recent grad with the debt to match will appreciate not having to worry about providing food for one meal during the week. This can also help employees eat healthier at lunch which is linked with better productivity. A greasy or heavy lunch like pizza can lead to more people wanting a nap than to close another sale or pitch another prospect.

Do A Company Retreat Annually

A company retreat can build a sense of family among the entire staff. This should be a fun retreat that also incorporates some team building activities. The ability to approach a person comfortably to ask for something is far easier than asking in an email that could take an hour to formulate. Even a weekend is enough for this or a single day where staff can enjoy the company of one another without the worry of deadlines or minimum production goals.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to increase employee retention. These simple yet efficient tactics do work and have data to back this.

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