How Do You Choose a Remarkable Personal Injury Attorney?

When you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else, it’s smart to hire a personal injury attorney to represent you. Their expertise will remove undue pain and suffering that the court proceedings might otherwise produce, and you’re more likely to get the amount you’re seeking.

Choosing your personal injury attorney should not be taken lightly. You want someone who’s truly remarkable with an outstanding record of service. To find the perfect attorney for your case, here are some tips you can use.

Look at Their Track Record

Extraordinary attorneys have no problem boasting their track record. They’ll tell you about it when you inquire about their services, or post it on their website for everyone to see, like this top-rated firm in Chicago. If you had won your client a record-breaking $148 million in a medical malpractice case, you would brag about it too!

Firms with less impressive track records may be more hesitant to share their successes. You can gauge much about the quality of an attorney based on the numbers they’ve won for their clients in the past, for better or for worse.

Read Reviews

The internet can also reveal much about the caliber of attorney you’re considering. Hop online and read reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google, and other listing websites. Many attorney websites will also list testimonials on their websites, which can provide insight into the personability of your attorney.

As you read reviews, pay attention not only to the successes in court that people share, but also how others felt about working with the attorney in question. If you’re seeking a compassionate, friendly attorney, for example, you can likely find this information in the reviews provided.

Narrow It Down to Three

Anytime you plan to hire professional services, whether you’re painting a house or filing a personal injury case, you should narrow your choices down to three. Compare the three choices next to each other and list the pros and cons of each. This will help you decide which attorney is most compatible.

It’s also smart to let the three firms know that you’re considering two other options. This helps to keep pricing and negotiations competitive. They may also be willing to sweeten the deal with a slight discount or gift. These perks don’t necessarily mean you have the best lawyer of the bunch, but it can help you narrow your choices if they are equally ranked.

Schedule a Meeting

Before deciding between your three choices, schedule a meeting with each firm you’re considering. Ask specifically to meet with the attorney that will handle your case, as there are usually multiple attorneys in a firm. Create a list of questions to ask, and don’t leave until you’re satisfied with the answers.

Don’t be alarmed if you’re unable to meet with the attorney face-to-face the first time you call. When you do meet the attorney, it will probably be a quick visit. Take this as a good sign, as it means that the attorney in question is dedicated to his/her clients and works around the clock to represent them.

If you feel like the brief meeting was rushed or uncomfortable, however, that may mean that the attorney is not interested in you or your case.

Go with What Feels Right

By this point, you’ll have done your due diligence, putting together all the pros and cons of each attorney on your list. Now, it’s time to make that decision based on your findings.

As you narrow your options, don’t forget about the gut feeling inside of you, telling you that you’ll have the best experience with a certain attorney. It’s likely that you felt more comfortable with one attorney over the others, and if the pros and cons list supports that feeling, you have a winner!

This may seem like a complex to-do list for finding a personal injury attorney, but you won’t regret the careful consideration. Your case could be worth millions, and you’ll want the best to ensure you get every dime your case is worth.

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