How Russell Ruffino Is Redefining Small Business Marketing

The idea of small business marketing has evolved for hundreds of years. Long gone are the days of the renaissance, when the inventor of the wheel would have stood on the corner screaming the benefits of his invention to all that can hear.

Although it may not seem like it to the untrained eye, this evolution is continuing, and today, is happening faster than ever. New technologies, a growing global audience, and a better understanding of sales triggers are all leading to a small business marketing renaissance of sorts. This is where Russell Ruffino comes in.

Who Is Russell Ruffino

Russ Ruffino is a rags to riches entrepreneur with an incredible story to tell. After becoming fed up with his day job as a bartender making figurative pennies, Mr. Ruffino decided to venture off and create something for himself. This is when Clients on Demand was born. Today, Mr. Ruffino is the founder and CEO of a multi-million-dollar marketing agency with a knack for online marketing.

Mr. Ruffino’s Concepts Are Reshaping Online Marketing

As mentioned above, the evolution in small business marketing is ongoing, and thanks to people like Mr. Ruffino, is moving at a faster pace than ever. So, what concepts has this millionaire marketing guru brought to the table?

Targeting To A New Level – For quite some time, online marketers have been focused on hitting as large of an audience with as little of a budget possible. However, Mr. Ruffino realized that by fine tuning targeting, marketing campaigns would be far more successful.

In his podcast, Russell explains that even if you pay more per view, fine-tuning your ad to attract the right audience is a fruitful concept. At the end of the day, if you sell chocolate, it’s not going to be a good idea to market your product to diabetics. However, by fine tuning your ad to those that are most likely to consume chocolate, you will see a much stronger ROI.

Pricing Concepts That May Be Shocking – Small business owners may feel like they are constantly in a war. The pricing war leads to many selling their products and services for far less money than they believe that they are worth. However, Mr. Ruffino challenges this concept.

In fact, Ruffino suggests that charging what you are worth will not only bring in more per client, but will help to improve your marketing. I know, this may sound strange, but bare with me.

The idea here is that if you are always focused on outpricing your competition, you will constantly attract those that are looking for a deal. However, by ignoring competition pricing and focusing on what you believe your product or service is worth, you will attract higher end customers to your product or service that are willing to pay for quality!

Social Marketing Outpaces Other Options – Finally, Russell lives by social media marketing. At the end of the day, his teachings are all about targeting the right audiences, and with social networks being mines for consumer data, they are the perfect outlet for those looking to create highly targeted ads.

Think about it. If you use Facebook, the network knows your gender, your age, what you do for a living, what you write in your posts, your interests, and more. Leveraging this data gives today’s small businesses an outlet for highly-targeted marketing that simply didn’t exist a decade ago.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is a simple one. Marketing is changing. Russell Ruffino has challenged the blanket advertising rule that says more clicks for less money is the way to go, and has done so with smashing success. By targeting a smaller, more fine tuned audience, small business owners of today have the opportunity to yield higher returns while working with less customers and being able to provide the service that their customers deserve.

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