How to Get Your Business Black Friday Ready

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the biggest retail event of the year. In some towns and cities, customers go crazy and queue up outside the stores all night long in their bid to grab a bargain. Who can blame them? With up to 70% slashed off prices, there are plenty of bargains to be had. In this post, we are going to go through a checklist to help you make sure your store is ready for the next Black Friday/Cyber Monday event.

Why is Black Friday So Important?

Black Friday kicks off the countdown to Christmas, which is a very busy time of year. Studies indicate that around 30% of all sales happen during this period, so for retailers, it is a critical time. In all sectors, the saying “you snooze, you lose” is very apt, but on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this is doubly important. If you don’t prepare, your business will almost certainly suffer.

Hire Temporary Staff

With such a big increase in business over the Black Friday weekend, you can’t afford to be caught sleeping on the job. If you don’t have enough staff working that weekend or into the following week, customer service will fall. Poor customer service hits businesses where it hurts: in their bottom line.

Don’t be that business. Organise your staff rotas well in advance and tell staff all annual leave is cancelled during Black Friday. If you know you will struggle to cope with a surge in demand, hire temporary staff from an agency like to help you weather the storm. The great thing about temp staff is that you can hire them for short-term jobs and let them go when it settles down again. It is a win-win for everyone.

Devise a Marketing Plan

You won’t achieve the success you desire unless you market your Black Friday promotions. This is something you need to do well in advance. For best results, devise a rolling marketing plan that begins at least two months before Black Friday. Begin by teasing your offers on social media and running banners on your website. Put up posters in-store and email customers to let them know what offers they can expect.

Order in New Inventory

You don’t want to be caught with your pants down. Advertising stock that isn’t available is a recipe for disaster. Customers will be upset and feel aggrieved. Then they will go on social media and start leaving bad reviews. That’s the last thing you need.

Do a stock check and see what you need to order in. Factor in demand for discounted goods and order enough stock to cope with extra demand. If necessary, depending on your order lead times, do this step several weeks in advance to ensure inventory has arrived and is on the shelves before Black Friday kicks off.

Update Your Website and In-Store Signage

Have signs printed and make sure they are visible in-store, so customers know what to expect on the day. Update your website with branded Black Friday banners to reflect discounts and special offers. It may be worth offering free delivery as an extra service over Black Friday. If you do, add posters and banners to your store’s website so customers are aware.

Make Sure Staff Understand Their Roles

Educate your staff on what to expect. This is very important if you have inexperienced staff who have not worked a Black Friday event before. It will be busy, so ensure younger/inexperienced staff are taken under the wing of a mentor.

Black Friday is a huge event. Follow the tips above and you won’t miss out on sales.

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