How to Improve Your Content Advertising on Social Media

To improve your content advertising on any and all social media platforms, consider the following tips from GetPeople:

Know your audience, and target them accordingly

It’s surprising how often businesses think in terms of a general audience that they want to reach engage. Unless an organic post goes viral (and that’s usually a bad thing, not a good thing, for the average business), aiming for a mass audience is an inefficient use of time, talent, and money. Most customers don’t come from some formless, clueless, mass of consumers. They come from very specific demographics, which the smart business person knows about and is ready to target with information, graphics, and offers that appeal specifically to them. Why go hunting for a hummingbird with a shotgun when a peashooter will do (aka buying targeted website traffic)?

Look at your competitor’s social media content — and learn from it

This isn’t a case of stealing ideas from competitors. Rather, it’s the same strategy that generals use in war to overcome the adversary — namely, learn all their tricks and find out what motivates them, and then create a plan that’s so much better than theirs that success is inevitable. Whatever a competitor is doing on Facebook or Instagram, learn how to do it twice as good for results that will also be twice as good. With an open mind and courage, your competitors can become some of your best resource people.

Retarget Retarget Retarget

Unless you’re giving away gold bullion, your social media bounce rates are going to average around ninety-eight percent — that means that about only two percent of viewers are going to initially respond to your content. The rest don’t engage. Instead of pouting over this huge rejection rate, the smart marketer simply rolls up his or her sleeves and gets to work retargeting their content. Tweak it with savvy editing — adding a bit here and removing a bit there, then relaunching it again on social media. Edison didn’t get the lightbulb right the first time — it took him hundreds of attempts.

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