How To Keep Staff Happy At Your Business and Increase Employee Retention

The business world has changed in the sense that people switch jobs constantly in some industries. The idea of loyalty to a company is gone for many people especially with the job market as healthy as it is. Employee retention is important for businesses of all sizes as it can cost thousands of dollars to train a new hire. After training there is still no guarantee that the employee will be productive or stay with the company long term. A company has to be proactive when it comes to keeping employees happy as another company will if you do not. The following are ways to keep staff content and increase employee loyalty.

Relaxed Dress Code

A relaxed dress code in an industry where it is the norm is important because certain people do not like having to dress up daily. For employees that have no contact with clients they should be given a casual dress code. For those that do see clients via meetings they can have a decent dress code and a change of clothes for a client meeting is always an option. This can even be a way to bring staff closer together with pajama pants Tuesday or freaky t-shirt Friday can be fun as well as boost morale.

Comfortable Working Environment

A comfortable working environment is the best thing a company can do to boost employee morale. Having a few kneading massage chairs in the office that can be used during breaks will be well worth the investment. Cubicles are the enemy of the new professional as people feel trapped and do not interact with others in the office. Friendships among employees should be supported as it can make work more bearable during times of stress.

Work From Home Days

The ultimate perk is that of being able to work from home weekly or permanently. This can allow a company to retain top talent as not all businesses are willing to do so. This should not come at the expense of productivity though so this should be an earned perk. Those that constantly underperform when working remotely should have this perk taken away until they can prove they can handle the responsibility of doing an honest day’s work from home. Attracting top talent can also be done through this perk as working from home can allow people to travel the world while earning a healthy income.

Free Lunches Go A Long Way

The perk of providing free lunches might not seem like the largest perk but in actuality it is a huge perk. Those recent grads or people with mountains of student debt will appreciate the free meals. The other factor that makes free lunches a great option is that it reduces the amount of staff taking extended lunch breaks if you do not have an efficient time tracking software. Offering healthy meals can also boost productivity versus providing pizza which can make staff have that lull of sleepiness after lunch.

The actions of a company to make employees feel valued is worth the investment of time and money. Retain employees to help ensure continued success rather than losing employees due to lack of effort of the business. Loyal employees should be rewarded and they will be sure to stick around.

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Melissa Thompson

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