Leverage Social Media to Get Visibility Online

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Social media is one of, if not the, biggest platforms for marketing. It’s a great way to promote your business, grow your audience and become a market leader in your industry.

While likes and shares are important, they are not the be all and end all of a brand. Social media marketing requires certain skill sets and this article will describe some of the most effective strategies that your business may not be utilizing.

There is plenty to discuss, so here is how to leverage social media to get visibility online.

1. Only Use Relevant Platforms

According to ComboApp, people spend 134 minutes every day on social media. However, there’s no point using a social media platform that your target audience doesn’t spend their time using.

Social media should be used to reach the right people. Ensure that your business’ social media marketing team are spending time finding out what your ideal customers like and where they hang out ie a buyer persona.

For example, fashion businesses are unlikely to sell products on platforms like LinkedIn, while digital marketers won’t find much success using Pinterest.

2. Post Original, Creative Content

By now, most businesses are aware of content marketing but social media should be used to promote more than just blog posts and press releases.

Leverage social media to get visibility online by sharing custom graphics, infographic and engaging videos and podcasts.

As this marketing guide describes, the marketplace has never been as competitive as it is now so posting original, creative content is a great way to make your business stand out online, and get an edge on rivals.

Also be sure to update older content regularly with graphics that relate to current standards/applications/systems etc

3. Don’t Use The Same Content Across All Platforms

This tips comes from an article written by Foojee and is described as follows:

One more common mistake which people usually do is to create one content and replicate it for all social media platforms. It is a myth that this practice would bring more user involvement and engagement instead it would bore your audience.

Every social media platform’s audience is different and has their own set of preferences plus expectations with the platform so, they get annoyed to disappoint from this thing.

For example, hashtags are one of the most effective element to increase the number of Instagram followers, but you can’t imply the same rule on Facebook to grow your audience.

4. Influencer Marketing

Healthcare Weekly define influencers as anyone with a large following. Customers value the input of peers and are far more likely to believe the words and opinions of people compared to corporate companies.

Influencers are valuable to social marketing campaigns because they have built trust with their existing audience. This is a valuable asset no matter what the industry.

Create a list of potential influencers and reach out to them. Offer them your product or services for free in exchange of a review and share across their channels.

It’s important that the influencer has standing in your industry, otherwise it will feel forced and will have the reverse effect than what was intended.

5. Invest In Social Tools

This includes paid or free tools, such as Google Analytics. Businesses need to use social tools to see how their content is being received by their audience.

They provide valuable insights into how your content performs and makes it easier to repurpose it. For example, this works well in particular for old content that still gains traffic. Update it for current applications/standards/systems/etc and promote it.

It may be useful to hire an agency or specialist to take care of insights and analytics so the social media marketing team an focus on creating and sharing content.

6. Social Listening

Social listening is another great way to leverage social media to get visibility online. Lapshock describe the technique as the following:

Social media has become a popular channel to give feedback to the companies they interact with. It also gives organizations vital insights into their customers’ mindsets and affinity to a brand and makes them aware of what their customers are looking for and how their perceive their brands.

This is called “Social Listening”, keeping an ear out and gathering information about customer opinions around a specific organization. Social Listening not only helps companies learn about customers’ satisfaction levels with a brand but also tells organizations a great deal about customers’ preferences.

7. Cross-Channel Campaigns

Cross-channel campaigns are excellent at boosting customer engagement.

To create an effective cross-channel campaign, you must create a compelling story about your brand. Share this with your followers and ensure that you couple it with a relevant hashtag to the industry.

It should be linking back to your landing page that tells your audience more about you and your campaign.

8. Social Bookmarking Websites

People share resources via a URL on social bookmarking websites rather than the content itself. Use this technique to rank high for your product or service and generate a ton of organic traffic.

To make this work though, you need excellent content and require the bookmarking site to endorse your brand, which is likely cost money. However, if your brand becomes a hit with your audience, expect to see your viewing and selling numbers rise quickly.

This social strategy is not common and so if you’re looking for an edge, this could be a tactic that makes your brand stand out from the competition.

9. Establish A Budget

Finally, all social media marketing campaigns must have a budget set aside – it’s vital to the success of the entire campaign.

With all the above strategies to increase web traffic fast in place, the budget can be leveraged to become the most cost-effective way to interact with your customers and drive more sales. Social media gives you the ability to connect on a more personal level with your customers.


Using these strategies will enable your business to leverage social media to get visibility online and grow your business. Alternatively, you can always work with an agency that can make this happen. Check out this list of creative agencies who can help you master the art of social media today.

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