How To Retain Employees And Make Your Startup A Long Term Success

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The business world has seen a spike recently in employees simply “ghosting” or not showing up then completely cutting off contact with a company. This is due to the job market being incredibly healthy and the trend of people listing references who are actually just their friends. The truth is that a company is not going to give a person a few weeks-notice before firing them so many people do not feel like they are obligated to do so. This can put a company behind and it can take months for an employee to be trained in order to fully replace somebody depending on their role. Retaining top employees sets up a company for the future so below are a few tactics that can help aide in this.

Work From Home

Allowing employees to work from home permanently can allow a company to keep them for many years to come. Working from home is the ultimate perk for many people that might want to live abroad or simply hate commuting on a daily basis. Make sure that the employee has service from one of the best internet providers as you do not want a virtual meeting with a client to be cut short due to a slow connection. If you cannot meet an offer that a current employee brings in from another company offer working from home as it will have a high acceptance rate.

Bonuses For Consistently High Performance

Bonuses for those employees that go above and beyond need to be given as a rival company might be willing to pay them what they are worth. Set goals with bonuses associated and make these monthly goals rather than annual goals. This will make a huge difference for those employees that might have had a few slow months so rather than give up they are given a clean slate month to month as far as earning a bonus goes. Take care of the employees that earn the company more money year after year after year.

Teambuilding Trips

Teambuilding is imperative at a company of any size as the staff will be spending long hours together. Going on a trip can be a great way for staff to bond as well as see sides of their coworkers that they usually do not during regular office hours. These trips can be strictly fun or a mix of business as well as relaxation. With technology there are certain companies that can work from anywhere in the world. Staff is much more likely to stick around if they have a company trip to the Caribbean where they both get to work (earn money) as well as relax in a beautiful destination.

Encourage Interdepartmental Bonding

There are people at certain companies that do not interact at all during the business day. This can make it extremely uncomfortable if these people end up working together if they have seen each other for years but not are only working together for the first time. Encourage interdepartmental bonding as it can help streamline the communication process if people are more willing to communicate with each other rather than going through a third party.

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