Jay Eitner: How New Jersey Can Make Its Education System the Best in the Country

There’s a healthy competition going on today between teachers in classrooms in every state. Each state tries to get its education system rated the highest in the country and to be competitive with other education systems around the world. To become the winner in this competition you need more great teachers you need a range of things that collectively create an environment for students to excel.
New Jersey is a state that is as competitive as any other and more competitive than most. The state politicians including the governor and mayors of the cities are committed to winning this competition so that the most prominent beneficiaries can be the students who benefit from equality education and preparedness to go to Higher Learning institutions. So how can New Jersey win this particular competition? What do they need to have gone on in and outside of the classroom that will ensure the New Jersey leads the nation in quality education. Here’s a list of some essential things that will help New Jersey achieve this goal:
The best teaching tools
For students to excel they need to have access to the tools and strategies that the best-educated students in the world utilize. The United States is a leader in teaching tools, unfortunately often those tools never reach the classroom. Part of the reason is that the government has a particular curriculum for teaching in public schools. A different curriculum might be more useful just not widely accepted within school systems. As a result, students don’t always get the best tools and strategies for their learning. Another restriction is cost. A few outside education organizations like Eitner Education provide tools and teacher training that causes increase grade scores and better-prepared students. This program comes from a private company and must be funded as additional education tools by the school system. Depending upon the focus of the school system’s budget these amazing tools and strategies may end up on the list for a particular school or school system. In order for New Jersey to reach its stated goals, educators like Jay Eitner, and Eitner Education need to be utilized.
Motivated teachers
There’s no doubt the teaching children is it demanding, time-consuming, and thoroughly absorbing job. When teachers are in University learning about the things that it will take to become a great teacher, most assume that their professors are exaggerating about the level of commitment and the work ethic required. It is only when they are actually in the classroom do they realize that in fact, everything they were told in University was right.
When this realization sets in teachers tend to go one of two directions. A good number will despair the realize that the job is one of the most demanding things they will ever do. They will then pace themselves so that they can survive the school year. When this happens the students get just enough from the teacher, but not much more.
There will, however, be a much smaller amount of teachers when confronted with the real challenge of teaching, who will take that problem on and thrive in the teaching environment. These teachers are the ones that make the difference in students lives. They have a level of motivation for being tremendous and graduating grade students, that inspires students to want to learn and be their best.
For a state like New Jersey to be an education leader, they need to have an abundance of the second type of teacher. The wait for this to happen is to recognize early on which type of teacher a specific person is. The first type should be attempted to be turned into the second form. If this is not possible, this teacher can be capable, but care needs to be taken to ensure that the teacher does not get overwhelmed by the job. For the second group of teachers, when one is identified as being unique, the school system needs to reward their behavior and make them examples of the right way to teach.

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