Las Vegas Shooter’s Estate Slapped with $2 Million Claim by Victim

The estate of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people in October in a mass shooting, was hit with a $2 million claim by a victim.
The victim, Kelly Herrington, claims that she was shot by Paddock and is demanding compensation.
Herrington says her injuries from the shooting traumatized her, cost her a small fortune in medical bills and left her without income while she was recovering. She is seeking $2 million from the shooter’s estate.
Her husband has also filed a claim seeking $250,000. He says he witnessed his wife’s injuries, which has caused him harm.
“Filing a personal injury claim means you may be eligible to receive compensation to make up for the financial, physical and emotional damages you have suffered,” says George T. Bochanis Law Offices. “Further, damages can also apply to a loss of enjoyment of life or other emotional trauma you may experience as the result of your injuries.”
The claims filed by the Herrington family are the latest in a string of lawsuits filed by victims of the mass shooting.
Victim Keri Gelvan’s family, who was killed in the shooting, is seeking $45 million in compensation from the estate.
The lawsuit is seeking $10 million for each of the couple’s three children and the surviving husband. The victim’s husband is seeking an additional $5 million because he was also at the festival and his wife died in his arms.
Gelvan was just 31 years old at the time of her death.
The $45 million figure includes compensation for Gelvan’s loss of wages and financial support, the value of the benefits or gifts she would have provided, medical and funeral expenses, loss of the household services she would have provided, loss of companionship, loss of society and loss of consortium.
Five lawsuits have been filed in California against the estate, which represents hundreds of victims. Those suits aim to have the shooter’s wealth distributed to victims without influence from the family.
The lawsuits also name the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Live Nation, the organizers of the festival.
Victims are suing MGM Resort International, the parent company of Mandalay Corp, claiming that they failed to provide adequate training and security staff.
The lawsuits also claim that Live Nation failed to train their staff to respond to such an emergency and did not provide adequate exit routes.
The attorney heading the lawsuits in California said the lawsuits were filed in the state because nearly all of the plaintiffs were treated there.
Stephen Paddock’s exact net worth is still unknown, but he is believed to be a multi-millionaire. Paddock’s family has been fighting to maintain control of his money but has promised to disburse it to benefit his victims.
Other lawsuits have been filed against Slide Fire Solutions, the company that produced the “bump-stock” used to allow Paddock to shoot so rapidly at the crowd.
Paddock opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 people from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. He fired more than 1,100 rounds, which killed 58 people and injured more than 500 more.

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