How to Let Off Steam on a Business Trip to London

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For many modern entrepreneurs, traveling is a regular occurrence. Having a professional life which requires a lot of time on the road can be both a blessing and a curse. For some people, this is the ideal lifestyle. If you are someone who likes the solitude and variety that comes with a job that keeps you on the road, then you might even enjoy the lifestyle.

For most of us, however, spending extended periods of time away from home and on the move quickly becomes stressful. Many of us don’t realize how susceptible we are to separation anxiety. Being away from many of our usual creature comforts can take a toll on us that we don’t realize until we experience it.

It’s not so bad when you are visiting major cities. Capital cities like London have even more for you to see and do. The key to avoiding stress and worry is to make sure that you take the time to let off steam now and then. When you are at home, make sure to set aside enough time for yourself. If you don’t, you begin to feel the effects very quickly.

While traveling through a city as feature-packed and unique as London, there really is no excuse for not taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. The following are some of the best ways you can de-stress when you next find yourself staying in London on a business trip.

Get Some Exercise

Sometimes, getting even a moderate amount of exercise can make a big difference to our general mood and overall stress levels. London offers innumerable places for you to go and exercise. There are a plethora of gyms available, which will let you partake in a bit of boxing training, a fantastic activity for stress relief.

Like most major industrialized cities, London is well served by an extensive public transport network. The world-famous London Underground connects all parts of the city center. However, while this public transport network is undeniably convenient and efficient, it can have the effect of discouraging people from walking even small distances.

Next time you find yourself in London, why not forego the tube and walk instead? That way you will get to see more of what this unique and wonderful city has to offer visitors.

Hire an Escort

Sometimes, when you are out on the road for long periods of time, it can get very lonely. In a city like London, it is possible to be simultaneously completely surrounded by people and completely alone. Loneliness, both emotional and physical, while on the road is one of the most common issues experienced by those who live their lives this way.

An escort service can provide you with some company for an evening. Sometimes, this is exactly what you need to restore your spirits. As well as one-on-one appointments, escorts can also accompany you to any business-related events that you will be attending while in London. In some settings, this might give you the slight boost in status that you need to make an impression.

Be sure to carefully investigate any escort agency that you consider. Stick to those with a verifiable reputation and which your research suggests you can trust the most. Angels of London is just one such service; you can click here to find out more.

Bubble Football

Bubble football is a quirky activity which has gained an astonishing amount of popularity in recent years. The basic concept of bubble football is that players must play a game of football while entombed in a giant inflatable bubble. Unlike in regular football, players here are expected to barge and collide with one another. The inflatable bubbles mean that players are protected from injuries resulting from the collision.

Bubble football is an excellent form of stress relief, owing in large part to the fact that it encourages you to make contact with your opponents in a way that you can’t in regular football. The ability to slam into other people and things without having to worry about suffering an injury really allows participants to let go and go all in on the experience. If this isn’t the kind of thing that you would normally consider doing, then take this as an excuse to do so.


Have you ever buried your head in a pillow, or walked into the middle of nowhere, and just screamed? If not, we highly recommend it! There is something very cathartic about screaming your emotions out, but it isn’t the kind of thing that you can do in the middle of the street, not without attracting some very strange looks anyway.

However, if you head on over to The Crowbar on Manette Street in Soho, you will find the next best thing. This bar is renowned for its high-decibel jukebox, cheap authentic bourbon, and a fantastic atmosphere. A trip here is a great way to reduce stress and to meet some new people.


Ok, so throwing yourself into the midst of a zombie apocalypse might not be the most relaxing idea in the world. However, the Zombie Experience London offers participants the opportunity to do just that, and it is a blast! Located beneath the streets of Greenwich, the Zombie Experience London has proven to be a popular concept that has now been recreated elsewhere. Live out all of your zombie-killing fantasies or wait until the next World Zombie Day and join in as a zombie!


Gaming is an excellent hobby for stress relief. The Heart of Gaming in North Acton is an arcade with a difference. Alongside the retro games and machines that you would expect, The Heart of Gaming also features the latest games and consoles, as well as everything in-between!

London is a big city with a tremendous amount to offer. The above selection is just some of the ways that you can de-stress and let off some steam while in the city. If you still find yourself in need of a release, do not despair! There is still plenty more out there for you to try.

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