Libraries and Community Standard of Living

Reading is always known as fundamental to success among children. Reading is also a prime source of entertainment among adults. What is one thing their reading has in common in most communities?

A library.

Often, a community’s standard of living can be judged by its accessibility to books, magazines, and periodicals of all kinds that can foment lifelong learning and education among the citizenry.

When it comes to real estate, it isn’t just about the house or the neighborhood – it can also be about the amenities that are available in a neighborhood – a community park in which the kids can play, a community pool, a library, quality streets and public-safety departments – may also make or break a real-estate transaction.

Libraries can be a factor in standard of living in a community by being convenient, where residents can visit by a walk, a short public transit ride or by car, with hours that are convenient, a sufficient volume of books and other materials as well as quality customer service.

If you are a library regular and you are looking for real estate on Staten Island, you may want to keep in mind a recent report that listed the 10 worst libraries in the New York Public Library system – two of which are on Staten Island.

The report cited these libraries as having problems with overcrowding, poor heating or cooling systems, flooding, mold or mildew buildup, dangerous electrical outlets and/or programs that are not dedicated to certain demographics (e.g. teenagers) or have limited or no handicapped-accessible facilities.

If you are a regular visitor and patron of a public library and you are looking for some real estate on Staten Island, take the library into consideration when looking at properties and their location. For now, according to the report, you may want to pay attention to Great Kills and West New Brighton branch libraries and their surrounding neighborhoods. Generally, the quality of the branch library tends to reflect the priorities of the community, and branches that are in some form or disrepair may well indicate bigger problems with the community in which it is located.

If only real estate were so easy as to only be about a house or a commercial building. There are so many variables to consider when you are looking at a location, and having a quality real-estate expert on call who knows the area will be helpful. Such an expert knows the neighborhoods and the libraries and can give you quality advice about finding a high standard of living for you and your family.

Book it. So to speak.

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