Magnetic Name Tags: Better For Your Business?

Customer service is a crucial backbone of any company. It makes sense: after all, everyone wants to go somewhere they know they’ll get quality treatment.

In fact, 55% of customers stated they’d pay more money for a better experience, complete with red carpet customer service treatment. It makes sense that knowing how to provide the right type of customer service is paramount to ensuring folks feel they’re getting what they deserve.

One way to help people feel at ease is by requiring employees to use name tags. While traditional pin tags were popular for decades, they’re not the only option. Take a look at why magnetic name tags are worth the investment for your business.

Keep Uniforms Intact Longer With Magnet Name Badges

One downside to using pin tags is…well…pins get involved. That can mean the odd pricked finger, or worse yet, holes and tears in clothes. For employees that get their work uniforms issued to them (and likewise return them to the company after they quit), this puts on unnecessary wear and tear.

If you have a business where there’s a lot of seasonal positions or you don’t want to replace uniforms any more than necessary, using a name tag that has a magnetic backing can save you money in the long run. This is helpful when

If you elect to have employee names printed on a piece of tape rather than the name tag themselves, they can get recycled for years afterward, too. If you’re interested in the benefits of a reusable name badge, view here to learn more.

Expect Durability With a Magnetic Name Tag

One benefit of choosing magnetic name tags is the durability they offer. Pins can tear off and break after time, particularly if employees wash their uniforms after each day at work.

Magnetic backings make it easy to keep everything together while lasting for a long time. Even if the name tag accidentally makes it into the washing machine, gets stepped on, or goes through a variety of other incidents, it can still hold up.

Pins tend to be a little more delicate, with the pin breaking off after getting opened and closed so many times. For jobs that involve retail, food service, or otherwise manual labor, magnetic backings offer a clean, simple, and long-lasting alternative to other name tags on the market.

Magnetic Tags Hang Better For a More Professional Looking Appearance

Pin name tags don’t always look even when going on. Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect employees to constantly adjust them so they have just the right look.

However, you’d prefer it if the name tags didn’t get bunched up in a shirt or otherwise look like they were haphazardly put on. Pin tags don’t always sit right depending on the type of material too. But do you really want to order all new shirts just to have something look picture-perfect?

Magnetic name tags bypass this issue. Regardless of what type of material your uniforms are made from or how quickly your employees put their name tag on, magnetic backings make the process easier.

It’s simple enough to line up a nametag while looking in the mirror and making sure it hangs down smoothly. The material doesn’t affect how it looks, even after a long day of work.

Finally, the sleek look is always professional in any setting, from working at a hotel where guests expect a professional demeanor and quality service to a fast-food restaurant.

Easy for Employees to Find: Keep Them at Work or Take Them Home

Pin name tags easily get misplaced. Employees can lose them under the couch, in the laundry room, or anywhere on their journey between work or home (or even when on the job).

Magnetic tags help avoid this issue altogether, thanks to their double-use backing. Employees can keep them in a central place at work (any surface that accepts magnets works) or put them in an easy-to-reach spot at home (such as their refrigerator).

This eliminates lost name tags and saves frustration for both employees and the company.

A Small Investment That Saves Money

Some small business owners hesitate to invest in magnetic name tags. Unlike their pin counterparts, they cost a little extra. But the increased cost is no reason to shudder at the price.

Since magnetic tags have a longer-lasting backing, they can go through more uses (and employees), unlike pin tags. If you’re looking to increase profits at your restaurant or store and worry about spending the extra money, this is one area to splurge in.

You’ll get more uses out of them in the long term than what you initially paid.

Name Tags Help Customers Get the Assistance They Need

Customer assistance is the most important part of any company. As long as customers feel valued and taken care of, they’ll continue to return and even mention your business to their friends and family.

Magnetic name tags clearly show people who is helping them. This makes it easier to recognize quality service or find the right employee if they need to head to a different department.

Choosing long-lasting tags is worth the investment to help customers understand how valued they are at your business.

Discover More

No matter what type of business you have, making the choice to use magnetic name tags saves money and makes life easier for both customers and employees.

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