How to Make Use of Your Spare Change

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Spare change can become the bane of someone’s life if it stays stashed away in their back pocket or takes up space on the kitchen counter. Often, people don’t know what to do with it when it seems to have very little use, and can’t be spent on useful purchases. To help you make use of your spare change, you might need some guidance on how to turn it into a positive, rather than an annoyance. Make sure you follow these classic but golden tips on how you can turn your spare change into something that can help you in your everyday life.

Keep it for practical purchases

When you gather spare change from purchases every day, it can easily get split up or become lost in your home. If you make a spare change jar, you can put your money in it after every day, so that it is all in one place. Once it is in there, you can dip into it to help you buy household items, such as toilet roll or toothpaste. This will save you from having to dip into a crisp new note, and will also be easily accessible in the times you have to rush out without your wallet.

Save it for a rainy day

Over time, spare change can build up to a large sum of money, but this is hard to see when you have only small amounts of it in your hand each time. Take the idea of a change jar even further by saving all your changeup for a big event. You can do this with loose change, or using a structured technique. This could be for a nice meal at a special time of the year, or for a cut of your next trip away. In any case, after a few months, you change will become more substantial, and it won’t be the useless pennies you used to have. If you use your card a lot, then your bank can also save the spare change on purchases for you by rounding each purchase up to the nearest dollar and putting it into a separate account.

Invest it

Where some tools keep your cashless spare change for you in an online account, others are there to help you invest it. Although these won’t be large investments, they could help you to see a return on your money, where it once seemed useless. There are many apps out there which will help you, but you should look at the two frontrunners; you can read up on Acorns vs Stash, to see which will help you the most.

Give it to charity

It could be that your spare change and the savings that come from it won’t impact your life in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help someone else’s. Charities rely on donations of any size to help them complete their humanitarian work for people, animals, and even the environment. If you would rather do your bit to change the world, then you can donate your spare change to a worthy cause. You could also see which homeless people in your area would benefit from it the most.

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