Most Successful Business Idea List in 2019

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Are you dreaming of becoming a successful businessperson? Do you think it’s just impossible to start a new business? No, it’s not like that. It’s not that only rich people can start a successful business. An average person with a great idea can also start a small business and take it to the heights.

You only need to figure out which business to start with. Here is the list of few successful business ideas for this year:

  1. Event Planning

You can become an event planner if you like planning and organizing events. You will also need to have customer service skills. Event planning industry is one of the booming industries today.

Start with planning a friend’s birthday party, wedding, or any charity event. This way you’ll gain experience and people will also start taking you seriously. Check out to know more about such similar ideas.

  1. Blogging

You can start your own blog. If you’re passionate about your content you can shine like a star in this business. Write about things you know very well.

The more traffic your blog will get more the chance of making money for you. You can also employ other means to make your blog profitable, like including affiliate links etc.

  1. Electronics repair business

You need to have some technical knowledge and familiarity with various brands and models to do electronics repair business. Initially, focusing on smartphone repair would be a good idea.

You don’t require a storefront for this but if you own a shop it’ll increase your credibility in the eyes of people. No one would like to hand over their phone to some person they met somewhere. You can start by offering services to your friends and family members and allow spreading your reputation by word of mouth. Offer services at a lower cost than your competitors.

  1. General Appliance Repair business

You will need to do a lot of research in order to gain expertise in repairing the various general appliances. Your competition will be with the big companies who already hire experts for repairing job.

You can compete on the basis of quality, results delivered and good customer service. The startup cost could be higher for you since certain appliances require specific tools and parts and you’ll need to purchase them.

  1. Resume writing

Writing a good and quality resume is an art. People today are willing to pay top dollar for the best resume writers. If you satisfy people then they’ll recommend you to their friends and colleagues. It doesn’t take anything to start this business.

  1. Photography business

If you are fond of taking beautiful pictures, you can enter the photography business. Build a portfolio of your past work. There are many profitable choices available like wedding photography, headshots, product photography etc. get the necessary good equipment, build your network and deliver a quality product.

  1. Child Daycare business

Childcare can never become out of demand. Parents are always looking for the quality and trusted service. Nowadays since both parents are working so they look for child daycare centers.

You can start the business at your home only with very low startup costs. If you enjoy the company of the kids then it’ll be a walk in the park for you.

  1. Web Development business

You can start a very profitable web development business. If you already know how to build a website, you’re at an advantage. Don’t worry; it’s not very hard to learn either. Build websites using pre-established tools, such as WordPress and Wix. These are user-friendly sites which require little or no coding knowledge. You only need to have an internet connection with the same.

  1. Drop Shipping business

Drop shipping is a favorite for today. Start selling other people’s products online and don’t worry about shipping or storing inventory. Each time a purchase is made through your site, the third party receives notification, and the product is shipped to the destination. Your earning is through the commission you get.

Connections and building a network are important to start with. Also, you’ll need to work hard to find a good supplier since there are a lot of fake artists in this particular industry.

  1. Tour Guide business

Becoming a tour guide could be great fun. If you’re an extrovert and people person then it is a very good option for you. You just sell your knowledge of the particular place so there are no starting costs. As your business grows, you can hire employees. Make your tours more extravagant and market to a wider audience.

Taking a decision on which business to take up is a hard task. But once decided, there’s no looking back if you work hard with sincerity. Give priority to the idea you’re an expert at and the most interested in.

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